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sri lankan healthy food

No description

imalka perera

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of sri lankan healthy food

Sri Lankan Healthy Food your loving food from sri lanka tel:416 -564 345
:283 456 3452
or came to our website:kanora healthy food - kanora Breakfast milk rice =$4.00
String hoppers+ pollsambola =$2.00
Roti+ chilly past =$1.50
Appea+ chilly past =$2.00
Bread =$1.50
Omelet =$1.00 menu morning drinks+snack tea tea+milk tea+cake tea+coconut cake fruit cake =$1.00
=$1.00 lunch suop Desserts Caramel Pudding
ice cream+fruit
fruit salad =1,00
=1.50 Dinner Rice and curry =$3.00
Fried rice =$3.00
Biryani +chicken =$3.50
Kottu =$1.00
Kottu + chicken =$3.00
Kottu + egg =$2.00
Kottu + seafood =$2.00
Kottu + vegetable =$2.00
Appa + chilly past =$2.00
String hoppers + pollsambola =$2.00

sri lankan food sri lankan food sri lankan food sri lankan food from:IMALKA PERERA Thank you for coming to our restaurant appetizer soup =2.00
salad =2.50
meat =2.00
onion soup =2.00
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