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anne frank

my reserch paper

marco salmeron

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of anne frank

Anne Frank Anne Frank was an influential person based on backgroung, experience during holocaust and how did anne frank diary became so famous anne frank was born on jun 12. anne frank and her family went into hiding in jul 6 1942. on aug 4, 1944 some one was investigating a tip-off that jews were hiding at prinsengrancht 263., arrested the jews from the hiding spot. Jun 6,1945 her mother died from starbation. Background expirience during the holocaust In Jul 12, 1929 Anne and her family went into hiding.she was not alowed to go outside.Then Anne Frank started to write on a diary.Anne and her sister margot were tranferred to the bergen-belsen concentration camp near celle , in north germany in late october 1944. Both sisters died of typhus in march 1945, just a few weeks before british troops liberated bergen-belsen on april 15, 1945. "soon after,Otto read seactions of the diary to this friend dr. werner cahn, who had friends in the dutch published world. cahn showed it to a well-know dutah historian, dr. jan romein , who read it in one right and whole an awestruck article anne and her diary, whitch was published on april 3, 1946 in the dutch journal her pardol" - The Diary of Anne Frank How did anne frank diary got so famous conclusion Today I learn about Anne Frank. She was an influential person in history. Her diary became famous. It became famous because it told her experiences during the Holocaust. I learned she became sick during the Holocaust which lead to her death.
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