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Informative Speech on Fairytales

Katie Hunt

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Fairytales

Fairytales The most popular... Cinderella! Cinderella was a young maiden who had to work for her step mother and sisters. She had snuck out to the prince's ball and they fell in love. She ran away and was locked up in the attic. She escaped and the prince were married and lived happily ever after. Written in by 1697 Charles Perrault Cinderella Project Named after the fairytale, Cinderella, the Cinderella Project helps young women get the dresses they need for their formal events at school. Aladdin was a street urchin who accidently met Princess Jasmin. Jamin and Aladdin soon fell in love. The princess was only allowed to marry a prince, and Aladdin was not that. Aladdin soon was to complete a task for a very evil person. He was sent to find a genie's lamp. He later killed the evil man and was named a prince. Princess Jasmin and Aladdin lived happily ever after. Written in by 1710 Antoine Galland The Aladdin Project Based in Paris, this project is non-governmental. It is represented by people from different courties, cultures, and religions. They gather in belief that the power of knowledge, education, history and moral values can vanquish the differences created by ignorance, prejudice, hate and competing memoris. The Beauty, Belle's father had wondered into a castle, and Belle went looking for him. She finds the Beast and her father is let free in return for her to take his place. The beast is under a spell that when he falls in love and is loved back, he will be turned back into a prince. He sadly lets Belle leave his castle, even though he loves her. Belle's admirer is jealous of the beast because he has won the beauty's affection. The admirer then sets out to kill the beast, but Belle makes it there before him. She procalims her love for the beast and he turns back into a handsome prince. They live happily ever after. Writen in by 1756 Mme. Leprince
de Beaumont A mermaid names Ariel was fascinated
with the human world. She had seen
and rescued Prince Eric from a horrible
storm and ended up falling in love with
him. She wanted to be human, so she
traded her voice to Ursula for a human
body. Eric soon fell in love with Ariel, but
Ursula was about to trick him, and Ariel
had no voice to warn him with! Eric and
Ariel foiled Ursula's evil plans and saved
the undersea kingdom. While doing this,
they recieved Ariel's fathers blessing, and
lived happily ever after. Written in by 1836 Hans Christian
Andersen The fairytale, "The Little Mermaid",
was soon made into a broadway
musical in the year of 2008. Broadway Musical:
The Little Mermaid Beauty & the Beast The Little Mermaid Aladdin A little girl named Rapunzel was trapped in a tower by an evil
witch. Soon, a prince came and tried to rescue her, but the witch
found out. She cut off all of Rapunzel's hair so that the prince
could no longer try and free her. Rapunzel created a rope made
of silks that the prince brought her and climbed out of her tower.
She and the prince lived happily ever after. Written in by 1812 the Grimm
Brothers This is a rare medical condition that was named after Rapunzel because it looks like Rapunzel's braided hair. This syndrome happens when one eats their own hair, and can result in a human hairball in the stmach and intestines. Rapunzel Syndrome Princess Aurora was cursed by and evil fairy to die by a prick of a needle. A good fairy changed the spell so that when Aurora was pricked by a needle, she would fall into a deep sleep for 100 years, and would then awake by the kiss of true love. At the age of 16, Rapunzel falls into this deep sleep. Her true love, Prince Phillip, killed the evil fairy who was turned into a fire breathing dragon. He then awakened the princess with a kiss. Written in by 1697 Charles Perrault Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty: Ballet Sleeping Beauty was soon
turned into a Ballet in 1825! Snow White was born the fairest of the land. This made her stepmother want to kill her, so she ran into the forrest and stayed with the 7 dwarfs. One day, Snow White bought an apple from a secretly disguised step mother, and was poisned. The dwarfs placed her in a glass coffin and on top of a mountain. A prince soon comes by and awakens her with the only way to break the spell: Loves first kiss. Written in by 1912 the Grimm
Brothers I believe that all these fairytales end in, "Happily Ever After" because the writers wanted their audience to fantasize of what could happen next, and they wanted to tell that some things can be "Happily Ever After"! Why?

a Princess
a Prince
somebody evil
"true love"
an ending of "Happily Ever After" They all have... Outcomes? Once upon a time.... Albert Einstein had said, "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. If you wan tthem to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales." A Cinderella Story Another Cinderella Story
Ever After The Movies: Aladdin The Return of Jafar Aladdin and the King of Theives The Movies: The Movie: The T.V. Show: Little Mermaid 1 Little Mermaid 2
Little Mermaid 3 The Movies: The Movie: The
Movie: The Movie: Snow White & the
Seven Dwarfs Cinderella Aladdin Beauty & the Beast The Little Mermaid Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty Snow White Taylor Swift once said, "When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he's everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot; he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair." The End! Snow White Tangled Barbie Rapunzel
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