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03_60" Pitch Introduction

No description

Tom Middleton

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of 03_60" Pitch Introduction

Window size

Image size
Is the frame size, or monitor in which
the image is displayed in Window: image: is the picture dimentions 16 9 Image sizes: 4:3
(Square shaped) 16:9
(Rectangular) 2:35
More rectangular! Fits into a 16:9 frame, with black letterbox bars. 4:3 VS 16:9 in a fight...? Who would win.. 16x9 or 4x3...........? look at faces and circles Window
=16:9 Image Image size...? Window Size...? 4:3..
16:9.. 2:35.. Aspect ratio: ASPECT RATIO
Quicktime Format (.mov)

Mpg Format (.mpg) MP4 Format (.mp4) Windows Media Video Format (.wmv) Flash Movie Format (.swf ) 3GP File Extension ( 3gp) Real Media Format (.rm) AVI Format (.avi) The AVI format, which stands for audio video interleave, was developed by Microsoft.
The AVI format is supported by almost all computers using Windows, and can be played on various players.
Some of the most common players that support the avi format are:

* Apple QuickTime Player (windows & Mac)
* Microsoft Windows Media Player (Windows & Mac)
* VideoLAN VLC media player (Windows & Mac)

File extention: .avi The QuickTime format was developed by Apple and is a very common one. It is often used on the internet, and for saving movie and video files. Common video format standardized by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG); typically incorporates MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio and video compression; often used for creating downloadable movies. It can be played using Apple QuickTime Player or
Microsoft Windows Media Player. WMV format, short for Windows Media Video was developed by Microsoft. It was originally designed for internet streaming applications, and can now cater to more specialized content. Windows Media is a common format on the Internet, but Windows Media movies cannot be played on non-Windows computer without an extra (free) component installed. Some later Windows Media movies cannot play at all on non-Windows computers because no player is available.
This format is mostly used to store audio and visual streams online, most commonly those defined by MPEG. It Expands MPEG-1 to support video/audio "objects", 3D content, low bit rate encoding and support for Digital Rights Management.

The MPEG-4 video format uses separate compression for audio and video tracks; video is compressed with MPEG-4 video encoding; audio is compressed using AAC compression, the same type of audio compression used in .AAC files.

The mp4 can most commonly be played on the Apple QuickTime Player or other movie players. Devices that play p4 are also known as mp4 players.
The Flash movie format was developed my Macromedia. It is an output of video content created in the Macromedia Flash The 3gp format is both an audio and video format that was designed as a multimedia format for transmitting audio and video files between 3G cell phones and the internet. It is most commonly used to capture video from your mobile phone and place it online.
This format supports both Mac and windows applications and can be commonly played in the following:

* Apple QuickTime Player
* RealNetworks RealPlayer
* VideoLAN VLC media player
* MPlayer
* MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP Converter (Windows) RealMedia is a format which was created my RealNetworks. It contains both audio and video data and typically used for streaming media files over the internet.
Realmedia can play on a wide variety of media players for both Mac and Windows platforms. The realplayer is the most compatible. File Extention: .mov File extention: .wmv File Extention: .mp4 File extention: .FLV File Extention: .3pg File Extention: .rm File Extention: .mpg VIDEO FILE FORMATS INTRODUCTION Todays AIMS: To speak about your FMP idea to camera To produce a 60 Second film of another students' FMP idea. Todays OBJECTIVES: To define what makes a 'GOOD' pitch Using iMovie you will speak to the screen camera
about your FMP idea. To observe your partners speech,
and offer constructive suggestions for improvement Edit a 60 second clip of the footage
of your partners speech Hows my
Apsect Ratio...? FMP 60" clip PRIMARY INFORMATION: RESEARCH Inspirations.. MOOD EDIT! Experimentation.. Camera Techniques Delivery.. who / where will it be seen PITCH! Pre Production.. FORM
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