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Wednesday September 10 2016

No description

Amy Swanson

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of Wednesday September 10 2016

Article of the Week
Wednesday, September 10, 2016
1. Take a "Do Now" sheet.
2. CROSS OUT the Monday and Tuesday circles.
3. Fill in the topic: NAMES
4. Write something in the bubble for "something you already think..."
5. In the Wednesday circle, opy the quote and the author--above the line.
6. Below the line, write a response to the quote: agree, disagree, evaluate, connect, summarize, ask a question.
Do Now
We will now do a FIFTEEN MINUTE silent free write. Your only constraint is that you write bout someone (yourself, someone else, an invented character) experiencing a NEW BEGINNING. Do not stop writing until I say time is up! Keep writing! BE silent and independent!
The word "objectives" refers to the "objects" or "goals" we have for the day. In other words, what can you expect to learn today?
This is the quote and author...
Today we will:
1. Analyze the main idea of a quote.
2. Define and use new vocabulary words.
3. Annotate with purpose on a nonfiction text.
3. Identify the organization and features of the textbook we will be using this year.
1. Name
2. Pre-read the questions! It's like shopping with a list.
2. Annotating-- worth points; options for style
3. Section 1-- Let's work together.
Textbook Scavenger Hunt
Now, in order to help you understand the way your textbook is organized and the features it includes, you will complete a textbook scavenger hunt. Here are the rules:

1. All answers must be correct.
2. You may not share any answers with other groups. You will be disqualified from earning prizes and you may lose points from the assignment grade.
3. You must find an efficient way to work together with your partner.
4. You must find the answers on your own... don't count on me to give them to you! You can do it. I promise.
TBSH Prizes:
1. First group to finish with all correct answers.
2. Best collaborators.
3. Most focused workers.
It's a rose...
Under the
moon, the
raccoons eyed each other over the garbage can lid.
On the back, write a sentence using both words correctly that is better than this one:
Don't worry. We'll do the first AOW together.
Greek and Latin Roots
Binder Sections
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Vocabulary
4. Grammar
5. Notes
Fish! Philosophy and Fish! Friday
1. Play!
2. Be there!
3. Choose your attitude.
4. Make their day.
Fish! Friday discussion/forms...
Today, we'll be reading through the words, definitions and example sentences.
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