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on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Argentina

Argentina People of Argentina The balanced ratio of old to young Geography of Argentina South America 2,780,400 sq km Rich plains in the northern and flat plateau in the southern Dry in the southeast and a bit cold in the south west Buenos Aires Second largest country in South America Basic Facts about Argentina Official name is Republica Argentina(English: Argentine Republic). Head of state is Cristina Fernandez de kirchner.
56th head of state Currency is Peso Joined UN 1945 Economy of Argentina GDP in 2008 was 36th Argentina has many natural resources ex) minerals. Argentina has abundant agricultural resources ex) wheat or corn. Head of state is trying to decrease the amount of imports It doesn't receive financial assistance from other countries but gives some population 40,276,000 Spanish average life expectancy is 75 Roman Catholic Protestant Problems in Argentina Lots of border disputes between Chile There used to be lots of toxic waste in the air Water is running out Water in Argentina is dirty The END
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