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Hercules Vs. Theseus

No description

Sabrina Miller

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Hercules Vs. Theseus

Theseus: Summary Winner or Loser? ... Winner! Greek Mythology Hero Comparison Summary Strengths
Extraordinary strength
Most famous of the Heroes
Able to navigate out of tricky situations
Went on many adventures and expeditions

Not the smartest of the Greek Heroes
Had murderous tendencies
Wounded some gods on impulse
Lack of wisdom got himself killed
Winner or Loser? ... Loser! Hercules: Strengths:
Rather intelligent
Sense of adventure
Can find his way out of tricky situations
Good sense of justice
Very courageous
Started making bad decisions
Old age made him foolish
Died on an asinine adventure
Went insane in the end Although Hercules had many accomplishments, he also had some bad decisions. Everyone makes bad decisions now and then, but Hercules had some really, really, bad mistakes. For example he did kill his wife and all his children. He also believed his late wife, Deianeira, who trusted a centaur that his skin would make him love her again, but it ends up killing him. Theseus wins this stand off without a doubt. Not only is Theseus strong like Hercules, he has wisdom, and intelligence. He was a good king of Athens and was able to find his way on adventures. Although Theseus was smart, old age got him good. He started going insane but his faults don't compare to those of Hercules. Hercules Vs. Theseus
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