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Bite Size

No description

Sarah Shepherd

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Bite Size

Recap: By: Tatyana Ndekwe Human Resources
Jazz Johnson Operations Marketing Sarah Shepherd
Angelee Harris Events candy/snack sales Hot dog sale at Country Hardware
What went well:
Making Signs
What did not go well:
Social Media Emaya Nelson and Lauren Jessie As Human Resources, my job requires me to keep in charge of employee relations, act as the CEO's "Right Hand Man," keep employees on task, fire employees, change employee positions, and work with employees who are in need of my assistance. How can we improve:
more aggressive
on social networks more
less procrastination
better signs Employees: Bite Size Rylee McKee: CEO
Jazz Johnson: HR
Ben Lee: Manager
Sarah Shepherd: Chief of Operations
Angelee Harris: Co-Operations
Tatyana Ndekwe: Accountant
Payton McDonald: Sales Representative
Lauren Jessie: Marketing Strategist
Emaya Nelson: Marketing Strategist Mission Statement: Bite Size's mission is to use our
employee's diverse skills to raise
money, while at the same time learning
how to develop our people. Objectives: Sell all candy bars Sell all suckers Sell assorted snack
items in school lobby Sell hot dogs at the
open house Sell hot dogs in front of Country Hardware CEO's DESK Management Week 1: Week 5: Accounting Week 2: Week 4: Week 3: $37.50 Sell cookies at Country Hardware $10.50 $53.00 $53.00 $342.80 $525.80 Welcome to the
office! lollipops lollipops Donuts. didn't sell
well. Chips. didn't sell well.
two bags sold. didn't have product. being used at open house the next day. previous
events Status Report did sell well Four were left over. Sold at home. new message: great work today! I will see everyone
tomorrow! -CEO In conclusion... sold well. Not as well as Day 1 because of less amount. Our company started on April 2, 2013 with $10.50. We sold at 13 events from which we accumulated $687 as our final amount. Our team worked very well together. Things that we did well: we were able to compromise together, we were all excited about the company, and we were also able to listen to each others ideas and grow on them. Things we can improve on: communication, staying on topic in the meetings, and having a foolproof plan before an event. Bite Size was able to meet almost all of our goals. Week 1:
Week 2:
Word-of-Mouth CEO Operations Manager Sales/Accounting Marketing "Do your job!"
Job Descriptions Week 3:
Week 4:
Social Media
Word-of-Mouth company events:
--->lollipop sales-
-counted all the products, how much of each kind
set up the product and necessary equipment
-how much money (change,
-product was set up correctly
-met with other associates
--->hot dog sales-
-made sure we had all the product
-made sure announcements were made through marketing
--->country hardware hotdog sales-
-set up product and necessary equipment
-made sure there was enough of the product, as well as a back up plan, just in case
-set up the product in a presentable way
-kept track of the sales Week 5:
Word-of-Mouth The CEO is the "godfather" (or godmother in this case) of Team Bite Size. What she says goes. Being CEO requires great leadership and patience. soda. sold what was left over of open house. sold well. cookies, variety bags, chips chips, candy grandmas cookies, candy candy, and any remaining product Hot dog sale The manager is the CEO's left-hand man. He facilitates all company actions. The manager is also in charge of operations. Operations keeps track of inventory, sets up the selling areas, and acts as the stenographer during meetings. Expenses Profit vs. G Gain Marketing is responsible for coming up with fresh, new ideas for getting people to buy our product. Marketing is also in charge of creating posters, flyers, and generating any other obtainable form of advertisement to gain customers and attention. Marketing must obtain what consumers like and dislike by taking surveys about our product and figuring out what customers would like to see in the future. Our primary sales person keeps track of what sells well and what doesn't move off the table like we hope for. Sales not only keeps track of this data, but also works with Marketing by taking surveys of what people would like to see us sell.
Accounting also works with sales because Accounting keeps track of the profit and expenses for what we are selling and buying. Accounting also distributes money to people when they need to buy more product to sell. Hershey's bars sold well. sold well. sold well. candy left over some product left over. variety bags, cookies didnt sell well. $342.80 - $203.33 + $545.80 $37.50 Make a lot of money, work well as a team, learn the basics of running a company, and sell a lot of product GOALS: WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 6 Sales:
Payton McDonald $342.47 --->Varsity/Alumni
-set up equipment needed
- we made sure that we made signs, announcements. We made sure everything was set up tables in the lobby. we also made sure we had enough product. and if people were coming We made sure we had enough signs. Made sure equipment was set up properly. We had drinks in cooler. And made sure people were there and sold a lot. Made sure we had enough product. Made multiple announcements and had signs hung up. We had a good crowd. Kept food warm, drinks, cold and cookies chewey. *ran out of product
*profit was unorganized
*some were confused as what to do at open house sale
*unaware who was going to work when
*profit was kept in a insecure place
*too dependent upon one person to buy product success! lessons learned action *had people standing by to buy product
*acquired a money bag
*positioned everyone where they can work efficiently
*created a schedule of who is going to come, work and leave (if needed)
*placed money in a school safe
*had multiple people standing by who are available to buy product *had product to sell to customers
*money was all in one place
*everyone did their job and everything ran smoothly
*all positions were filled while complying with everyone's schedule
*a safe place to keep our funds
*under any circumstances there was someone who can buy product ensuring that we have product "make a plan that is foolproof and works"
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