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Kristie Vanderzanden

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Austrailia

Australians mainly call each other by their first name when meeting each other for the first time.
Barbecued Snags are made from traditional pork or beef spiced with herbs from around the world.
By: Sebastian Lohrer
Australians show respect by looking each other in the eye and usually don't do much physical contact.
In Australia, your friends will mainly call you by your nickname that they gave you instead of your real name.
Macadamia nuts are Native to Eastern Australia and can be eaten raw or with other dishes.
Lamingtons are referred to as "Austrailia's Nation Cake." They are a type of squre Sponge Cake with chocolate icing and desiccated coconut.
The first ever people in Austalia were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders.
The first ever recorded European contact with Australia was in March 1606 when a Dutch explorer named Willem Janszoon charted the west coast of Cape York Penninsula.
In 2007, Mr. Kevin Rudd led Australia to a government with policies to create present day Austalia.
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