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space madness

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of space madness

everyone is in a cool, captivating lesson on space,when suddenly Malcolm had a fantastic idea

space madness

Malcom looked as though a lightbalb
had lit up in his head .He nudged Brooklyn
withhis elbow and told him his idea .He told
him he wanted to explore another planet "space!"
Brooklyn exclaimed... The class went back to bieng
speechles until break time...
malcolm charged out of the
classroom with Brooklyn, Wicky and Kanzah. He told them all about his fantastic idea and they spent all of breaktime building a towering, monumental rocket. Carefully they disguised their supercharged rocket with trees and branches untill lunchtime...
Straight after maths the gang went back to their glraming rocket and fired up the engines.It rumbled like thunder and shook the ground around it violently. They lifted off into space with a big roar!
When they slowly landed on the
planet Venus. Malcolm and Brooklyn
zoomed ahead of kanzah and whiky
to explore the wonderfull planet.
malcolm and Brooklyn toutched
a multi coloured metoer
suddenly they turnedinto aliens!
after the big flash whiky and Kanzah went
to investigate ,suddenly wiky saw two purple
meduim sized aliens .Wiky screamed "help!"
kanzah rapidly ran to the screaming , as she aprouched kanzah said "lets go home and get
the aliens !"
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