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Ann Madson

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of P3TOUR

The Castes More... In Case You Missed It... The Basics The castes system
was meant to create
a sense of peace
among the people.
The five different levels

A long time ago,
powerful nomadic
warriers came into
India around 1500 BC
These warriers (the
Aryans) decided to
create the castes.
The castes were
unchanging groups of
people. A person born
into one of the groups,
could never move from
that group. People in the
same cast group
married the same group,
and worked with their
own group. Untouchables were
forbidden to enter
temples and schools...
they couldn't even
draw water from the
same fountain as
a different caste.
The sight of untouchables
was even thought to be
polluting. The untouchables
were forced to work during
the night, and sleep during
the day. Society has really
changed! Who: The Aryans created it
What: The Castes
Where:India Why: to create peace among the people When: It's still going on today... sadly.
Kshatriya (warriers) Vaishya (merchants, farmers) Shudra (craftworkers and laborers) Harijans (the ones called "untouchables" who didn't
belong in the castes system at all Brahman (priests, judges, teachers) Thanks for watching!!!!
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