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Victorian Government 2.0 Action Plan: Public Record Office Victoria Progress Report

Public Record Office Victoria is working hard to deliver against three key initiatives in the Victorian Government 2.0 Action Plan

asa letourneau

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Victorian Government 2.0 Action Plan: Public Record Office Victoria Progress Report

Public Record Office Victoria
3rd Quarter Report
2010/2011 Public Record Office Victoria is working hard to deliver against three key initiatives in the Vic Gov 2.0 Action Plan 1. Driving adoption in the VPS 2. Engaging communities and citizens 3. Opening up government So what are we doing? And how are we doing it? I. Driving adoption in the VPS 1.3 Privacy and Records Guidance Our Committment Publish an approved policy about the recordkeeping implications of the use of Web 2.0 technologies by the Victorian public sector. How are we doing it? PROS Capture Standard 10/02 under development
Policy outlining recordkeeping implications for Web 2.0 under development 2. Engaging communities
and citizens 2.2 Public Records 2.0 Our Committment Create Web 2.0 spaces for activities, material and projects to enable community participation in describing and accessing the State's records.

Develop an online volunteer program to engage volunteers in online projects to improve access to the State's records. How are we doing it? Collaborate with the Koorie Heritage Trust and Monash University on a Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (cIIF) -funded project to deliver a Koorie Archival System that will provide online access to indigenous records in a culturally appropriate way that is managed by the community, for the community (soft launch February 2011) Collaborate with the State Library of Victoria and the History Council of Victoria on 2 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development funded initiatives for rich online media content to deliver over the DEECD Ultranet to Victorian students (on track for July 2011) Publish an extract of PROV’s archival metadata on data.vic.gov.au (under development)

Begin the preliminary investigation of the film holdings in PROV’s collection with a long-term view to digitise and make available online, possibly in partnership with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (under development) and Environmental scan of online volunteer initiatives currently under way in Australia (and possibly beyond) with a view to piloting a new online volunteering initiative in 2011/12

Partnership established to develop (pilot) software for crowdsourcing transcriptions and indexing of public records 3. Opening up government 3.3 Information Management Framework Our Committment The Victorian Government has committed to the development of a comprehensive Information Management Framework for sharing public sector information. How are we supporting this? Develop Public Sector Information Release Framework (PSIRF) Principles and Key Communications
PSIRF VPS Hub page established
data.vic.gov.au and egov.vic.gov.au to be updated with PSIRF content February 2011 So the good news is... PROV is on track! Driving adoption in the VPS June 2011 Engaging communities and citizens June 2011 and ongoing Opening up government October 2011 But what about the other stuff? PROV is also
exploring... It all adds up to
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