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The Battle: Superman

No description

Ayesha H

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of The Battle: Superman

idea :
• The story of the game is superman vs. bad superman closely linked in with the expanded story of North Korea using nuclear weapons.

• The story starts off with bad superman retrieving information through superman’s girlfriend and at the same time with the information making a nuclear weapon.

• Then superman discovers what has happened and tracks down bad superman.

• North Korea declare war with USA, bad superman goes against USA with North Korea and threatens to destroy America and the world with a nuclear weapon that bad superman created, thus the only way to stop bad superman is for superman to defeat him.

Target Audience and Genre:

12+ we agreed that this is a suitable target audience age and that the game will be for unisex players.

Also as the genre is action and adventure the game will have a wide target audience.

Also we have decided to put the game on many platforms this will expand the range of target audience as different platform users can play the game. The game type of The Battle: Superman is linear this means the game guides you through a set story. Its mission-based meaning the player has a sequence of missions to complete having a sets of objectives in structure.

The player must complete their objective in a pre-set order. The Battle: Superman has a city sections that shows the streets and area you travel around it is open to the player of the game.

The game is similar to GTA, The Battle: Superman is a skillfully visual design. The reason why it has been designed to guide the player's eye so they go where the designer intends them to go in the game.

We want a game which the player's can enjoy the action and adventurous theme having to complete the new challenges. These are the 3 Mockup which we created for the game. The platform for the Game will be:

- XBox 360
- Nintendo Wii
- PS3

Game consoles will make the game more popular and more successful amongst the gaming world. We have noticed a gap in the market there are not that many super hero games on platforms. This will mean their will be no competition or other games that can compete with ours. Also our game will be on lots of platforms this will give it a wider target audience . The product will be available on different platforms such as consoles such as Xbox 360 , Nintendo Wii and PS3.

We have decided the game will be available to be sell internationally countries throughout Europe ,US and Asia.

The game will be advertised on TV adverts , bill boards , newspapers , magazines and etc. This will attract customers also we will advertise through the use of internet advertisements through such as Google and YouTube . Modern age of krypton led to the most dangerous and deadliest creatures.
Kryptonians had to uses their super advanced technology to defeat the dangerous creatures.

Created banks of clones that had copies of every single Kryptonian in the situation of injuries.

A political unrest occurred over Clone rights and turned into ‘Clone Wars.
Formation of NRKLF (Nationalist Revolutionist Kryptonian Liberation Front) whose leader was ‘Jarvis’ .

Jarvis created Trox-Feln ...

Sent Trox-Feln to earth before Krypton was destroyed.

Trox-Feln spent years after he arrived on earth looking for superman to destroy him and create a new Krypton. Trophys and Rewards
Multiplayer and Arcade Missions
New Environments
New Story to the Game
New Characters
Mission Alerts
Interactive Map
Power Selection Menu
Film footages We have decided The budget of producing the game is 50 million maximum. The cost include the overall production of the game all the 3d graphics , animation all the key concepts were put in to thought before deciding the budget. The budget was quite high as a lot of key elements have been put in place such as the graphics which had to be very high standards and also all the animations. Their were sound tracks put in place. Also film footage has been added in the game this is a key part as it improves the game for the player.

A large sum of the money will be spent on the graphical production of the game . A high amount of money is to be spent on this is because it is the main factor of the game the graphics had to give the player a strong presence of the superman world .

The environment and special effects. Also in the budget we thought about how much should be spent in the production of the characters as All the characters had to be real life based so the player can understand effectively the role and background of each character. Also lots of money will be spent through advertising .
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