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The Chinese Tea Ceremony

No description

Stone Agren

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Chinese Tea Ceremony

The Chinese Tea Ceremony
Written by: Caroline Gamard and Stone Agren

What is the Chinese Tea Ceremony?
How to: Chinese Tea Ceremonies
The Tea Ceremony
The Chinese Tea ceremony is the serving and drinking of tea. It has a very big cultural importance as it has remained unchanged since the Tang Dynasty.
Why is the Ceremony performed?
The ceremony can be performed......
as a sign of respect
at a family gathering
at a wedding
to apologize
to express a thank you
to connect people for at least one day Social differences are put aside for this cultural event.
When is the Ceremony performed?
The Chinese perform the ceremony basically whenever the mood hits. Tea is a large part of the Chinese day. Tea is served once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
The Aspects
Attitude- reflecting happiness and serenity
Tea Selection- The tea should be both fragrant and delicious as well as having a beautiful name and story.
Water Selection- pure, light, and clean water to reflect the soul
The Aspects: Part Two!
Teaware Selection- The teaware must be both "graceful", useful, and beautiful.
Ambiance- Peace and serenity are greatly increased by alluring paintings.
Technique- Graceful hands and faces are required for the proper ceremony.
Traditionally, the tea ceremony would be held in the formal room in the house, but there are more contemporary ceremonies that are held in gardens or or outdoor patios, so you can accomodate more guests.
Traditional Chinese Tea Set
A Contemporary Tea Set
First, tea was used for medicine. Later, Chinese monks used tea to gain a sense of peacefulness and to teach humility and respect. The first recorded Tea Ceremony took place during the Tang Dynasty, about 1,200 years ago. Later, the Tea Ceremony spread to Japan when Japanese monks passed through the Himalayas.
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