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LifeSkills College

No description

Nicholas Adams

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of LifeSkills College

LifeSkills: College Education
Why go to college?
Which program should I pursue?
"Broken back" theory
What do you enjoy?
Take advantage of local opportunity
Consider the "earnings potential"
Tips and Tricks
For the most part, core classes can be taken anywhere. Find the best deal.

Don't buy your books new. Past editions are usually fine.

Visit web sites that rate professors.

Computers and software can be purchased cheaper once you have an .edu email address.

Have a road map before you start.

Use free resources like Khan academy, iTunes U, and MIT.
How the heck am I going to afford this?
College is an investment, not an expense
Nobody pays full price for college
Step 1: FAFSA - fafsa.ed.gov
HOPE Scholarship (GA)
County tuition assistance
Increased earning potential
Scholarships (GAcollege411.org)
Loan forgiveness program
Tax credits
Local Opportunity
Get credit for what you already know
CLEP Exams
FEMA Classes
Work Experience

A listing of all the online degree programs offered by colleges in the Southern Regional Education Board

A listing of all the online degrees and courses offered by the 31 Georgia universities.
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