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Which Mayan Achievement was the Most Remarkable?

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Amelia Merwin

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Which Mayan Achievement was the Most Remarkable?

Which Mayan Achievement was the Most Remarkable?
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Many people would consider the invention of the airplane to be

In 3-4 sentences, explain which 1-2 of the criteria below best shows why the airplane is
VP - Marketing
Strategies for Finding a Main Idea -- from
Brain Pop
In pairs or as a table, answer the guiding questions on page 3.

Quality pair/group work will:
-Use SLAS sentence stems
-Use evidence from the text! :)
Today's Learning Objective
SWBAT re-phrase the DBQ essential question in their own words after analyzing an informative text for
main ideas
supporting details.
Quality responses will:
-Use SLAS sentence stems
-Provide evidence or examples
-Re-read the text

-Identify repeating words

-Ask yourself questions about the text

***What is the majority of the paragraph really about?***
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