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Biomes PEOPLE OF...

No description

Sara Kagan

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Biomes PEOPLE OF...

North America
South America
Temperate Forest
Tropical Forest
Polar Region
People of the Desert
The Navajo
The Navajo Nation is the largest Native American Tribe in the United States. They call themselves DinE, which means "the People". A reservation is the name of the land where Native Americans live. This is an area of land that the United states government does not own and has no laws on. The Navajo live as they want on this land without American Laws. People on the land, grow food, build shelters, have shops, sell goods and share traditions passed down from generatin to generation.
the !Kung
These desert people live in the Kalarhari desert. Some of the hunters live in the old way of the tribes. This means they move from camp to camp in search of food and water. Because it is so hot, work is only done in the early mornings or late afternoon. Their language consists of using many "clicks" as the sounds of their words. These people are sometimes called bushman. They are excellent trackers.
miners of the Atacoma
There are very few people who live in the deserts of South America. People who do live here live along the River for water and to stay cool. Miners live here to dig for copper and other minerals and sell these to companiesin cities for electronics. Water is very rare and sometimes it can be years between each rainfall.
people of the Thar
There are many people who live in the Thar or Great Indian Desert. These are cities and many are small villages. Most of the people live in villages and most of them farm the local land. A household usually has grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all living together.
Aborigines of the tropical forest
Aborigines used to be the only people that lived in the tropical forests of Australia. But over time Europeans began to settle on the continent. Today the forests are surrounded by cities, towns, and villages. Aborigines live on land called reservations. There are few native people left to share the traditions of the old ways. These people were very spiritual people and made many forms of artwork that have been left behind on cave walls.
These people have lived in the area for 4,000 years.
The land they occupy is located in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. They have figured out ways tosurvive the cold harsh climate of the polar region. Many of these people herd reindeer for a living. The reindeer is a symbol of their culture.
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