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Some questions about touch therapy

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Elizabeth Royse

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Some questions about touch therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy in women with breast cancer-related lymphedema
Lymph Drainage Therapy
Otherwise known as Lymphatic massage or Manual Lymph Drainage is a light touch therapy that improves circulation of lymphatic system.

Reduce swelling
-Proteins are drained which helps eliminate excess fluid from tissues and aid in re-absorption of edema.
Chronic sinus conditions
-Immune system is stimulated through increased lymph flow aiding in inflammatory process.
Rejuvenate the skin while reducing wrinkles and cellulite
-Toxins are removed, allowing for more beneficial tissue regeneration.
Withholding therapy
What is touch therapy?
Who needs touch

Touch Therapy
Elizabeth Royse
Jeremy Baldner
Chelsea Skinner
Emilie Henderson

How does lymph drainage therapy help?
Why seek Lymph Drainage Therapy?
Main reason for seeking therapy is Lymphedema, or collection of fluid around the site of damaged or removed lymph.
Causes of Lymphedema:
Mastectomy RT Breast cancer
Surgery RT Melanoma, Prostate, Colon or Bladder cancer
Damage RT radiation
Cardiac problems: Enduring this therapy can add stress to the heart.

Circulatory problems:
For example, thrombosis. Therapists should never risk tampering with a clot.
Who can administer Lymph Drainage Therapy?
As a physician, nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist or massage therapist, you are allowed to administer.
A majority of states require you to be specially trained in lymphedema, but not all.
Patients and Methods
A method in which the hands are used to direct the human energy for healing purposes.
31 women with breast cancer-related lymphedma
Random, controlled crossover design with 2 groups
Group A received 3 weeks of daily MLD followed by 6 weeks non-treatment, then 3 weeks of SLD
Group B received 3 weeks of daily SLD followed by 6 weeks non-treatment, then 3 weeks of MLD

MLD improved emotional function in terms of reducing worry, irritability, tension, and feelings of depression.
Improved dyspnoea and reduced sleep disturbances.
MLD significantly reduced excess limb volume by 95%
Touch therapy can help people who have cancer, lymphedema, or had surgery.
Other reasons to seek Lymphatic Therapy
Feeling sluggish from medications
If one is trying to get off medications
Congestion in head, neck or lungs
Stuffy head, colds or the flue
Digestive problems
Helps to detoxify the body
Postoperatively to help move anesthesia from surgery out of the body
What are two reasons why people seek lymph drainage therapy?
Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy should be done three to four times a year for preventative measures.
Who can preform lymph drainage therapy?
When should people not receive therapy?
Research Study #2
Other therapies that might work well with Lymphatic Therapy
Self-message or light exercises following instructions from the therapist
Wearing compression garments
Pneumatic compression
All encourage lymphatic flow out of the limbs
Based on pregnant women and problems with edema
The combination of these therapies plus the Lymphatic Therapy is called Complete Decongestant Therapy (CDT).
Fifteen pregnant women between ages 23 to 38
Put through one hour of Lymph drainage therapy
Size of legs were measured before and after therapy
Women brought in between 5 and 8 months of pregnancy
The order of treatment and control days were randomized
The women's legs were measured in the morning and in the afternoon
The average volume of the leg in the control group was 2849.1 grams in the morning and 2889.1 grams in the afternoon.
That means the control groups leg volume increased by 40 grams on average.
The average volume of the legs in the treatment group was 2856.4 grams in the morning and 2812 grams in the afternoon
That means the treatment groups leg volume decreased by 44.4 grams on average.
The study showed that lymph drainage therapy does reduce edema in pregnant women.
It is effective in relieving symptoms in pregnant women with edema.
A typical Lymphatic Drainage Massage session
An hour session costs $70 to $80, half-hour $45 to $50
Each session last 45 to 60 minutes
A minimal of 5 sessions are recommended
Sessions could last for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the patient
Usually the greatest reduction in swelling from lymphedema occurs in the first week and stabilizes in the second week
Special Training for LDT
Each patient has a different lymph rhythm, presented as a gentle pulse in different parts of the body. A therapist must follow that pulse when giving treatment.
Hand Pressure
Motions should always be gentle and steady. Too much pressure may damage the capillaries of the lymphatic system and tender breast tissue. Average pressure is 33 mm Hg (Feather’s touch). Given the circumstances of the patient such as the given area of treatment or the pathology, these may vary.
Manual Lymphatic Mapping
While working on a specific area, the lymph must be sent to the specific group of lymph nodes responsible for drainage in that given area.

To measure the effects of MLD and SLD on lymphedema of the arm and neck;

To measure the effects of MLD and SLD on quality of life symptoms/altered sensations associated with lymphedema.
Study aims:
Research Study #1
There was no significant difference in the two groups
There was no significant difference in the two groups
What are two other names for LDT?
What is the minimal amount of sessions recommended?
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