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BaseBall by Andrew and Alex

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of BaseBall by Andrew and Alex

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What is the size of the out field in MLB
The out field in the MLB stretches 400 feet wide and long
In the MLB what is the average size of a glove
The average size for a glove for everyone except for the catcher is 12 inches wide while a catchers glove is 14 inches
How big is the ball in the MLB
the ball is 7 inches wide in the MLB
Baseball by Andrew and Alex

How much was the lowest paid baseball player in the liege paid
The lowest paid baseball player in the liege was paid $300,000
what is the average number of players that get hurt a year?
about 198 players get injured a year
In the MLB do you have to wear a shin guard when u go up to bat?
No but batters would rather be safe then sorry
Why Does MLB only use wood bats
its harder to hit a ball hard with a wood bat so if they used a metal bat it would be an unfair advantage for the person up to bat
how many umps are in an MLB game
There are four umps in an MLB game
What is the size of the infield in the MLB
There is 55 feet between every base
In the MLB what is the highest number for a jersey
The highest number on a jersey is #99
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