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Year 7 Essay Structure

No description

Maddison Byrne

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Year 7 Essay Structure

How do we write a good essay Miss? Essay Structure (remember the piece of writing you did for 'Holes' earlier this year? An essay is piece of writing
on a
particular subject. What is an essay? The beginning of your essay will have an 'Introduction'
Just like you how you introduce yourself to somebody new, you are introducing your new piece of writing to the person reading it.

You will need to include an opening statement explaining what your essay will be about.
For this instance, it will be on 'Helicopter man!' What do we need to include? But what is this opening statement you're talking about?

This is your time to begin telling us all the really good bits about 'Helicopter Man' and how you are going to use those to support what the question is asking you.

This is a good time to look back at the chapter summaries and character profiles to start remembering the book.
You will be given a question and within your essay you need to answer it with evidence from the book.

But how do we do all this?
let's start at the very beginning - let's introduce it! What is the Essay question? After you have created a good opening statement and showed us some information about the characters it's time to start explaining why you are choosing your answer.
You will need to explain :
Do you agree/disagree/or maybe a bit of both?
Then - you will tell us a few other points that you will discuss in your essay. What else goes in the Introduction? So, in your paragraphs you need to include T.E.E.L

T - Topic of paragraph - what will this paragraph be discussing in regards to Helicopter Man and the question that needs to be answered.
E - What examples from 'Helicopter Man' are you adding in your work to prove you point?
E- How are you going to explain the example to show the reader you understand the question and it's relevance
L - Link - make sure link it all together, so it all flows into the next paragraph Now it's time to write
some paragraphs! This is the same thing for the next 2-3 more paragraphs.

In every essay paragraph you need to show the reader:

The topic of the essay paragraph
The example from 'Helicopter Man' you are using to support your point
Explain why you are using that example in your essay
and don't forget to continue to link it all together! Now it's time to write
some paragraphs! CONCLUSION
So after you have completed all the paragraphs and applied the T.E.E.L process to all of them - it's time for you to do a conclusion.

It is important to remember to NOT put any new information in your conclusion.
This is a summary of everything you have already told the reader. In your conclusion you need to remember to:
Refer back to the essay topic and to remind the reader where you stand on the question - agree/disagree/a bit of both
restate your points explored in paragraphs


Do not write in first person
E.g. I think, my opinion.
It needs to be written like - IN 'Helicopter Man' Pete experiences....leaving the audience feel....etc.
It also needs to be in present tense - Pete is a victim.... not - Pete was a victim.
Always continue to refer to the essay topic. Don't forget:

Always make sure you understand what the question is asking you!

If you don't understand be sure to ask!
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