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Why are tigers endangered?

Lindy Kaska

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of TIGERS

TIGERS Why are tigers endangered? WHY ARE TIGERS ENDANGERED? There are many reasons why the tiger is endangered like poaching and habitat destruction. But there are three big reasons that we want to share with you first. BIG One reason why the tiger is endangered is
because it's so big. Since its so big it takes up
lots of room. But in the countries that the tiger lives in there are so many people trying make a living and they all do need to eat. WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THE TIGER? Here are some reasons why the tiger is special.
Tigers are huge some tigers weigh about 570 pounds and their length is about 12 feet long! The most 2 important places tigers live are India and Indonesia. The tiger eats animals and usually hunts at night! Their habitat is mostly forest and sometimes in grasslands and swampy areas. BEAUTIFUL This is a tiger in India. This is a tiger in Indonesia. Lots of people hunt tigers for their beautiful
skins. People also kill the tigers so they can
use their bones and meat to make medicines. Tigers do not get along with humans.
Sometimes when tigers live near people they may end up eating peoples farm animals! IMPORTANT WORDS Poaching

Habitat Destruction

Isolated Prezi by Lindy and Maxx Tigers do not get along with people. When they
live near people they sometimes end up eating
the people's farm animals! Tigers are really
fierce and that would give people a good reason
to kill the tiger. Sources- Can We Save the Tiger by Martin Jenkins
Gpaea- media library. HOW CAN WE SAVE THE TIGER?? FIERCE There are tons of ways that you guys can help out in save the tiger. In conclusion even though tigers are mean and that they are beautiful and that they are fierce DO NOT KILL THEM!! Also try to find ways that you can help the tiger. TIGERS RULE!! Conclusion 2 you have a quiz. By Lindy and Maxx!! What are the main two places tigers live? A. India and Indonesia B. India and Bangalore C. Vietnam and Thailand What is the average weight of a tiger? What are the three top reasons
why the tiger is endangered?? A. their teeth, skins, and bones B. they're big, beautiful, and fierce C. their teeth, claws, and
their meat. A. 750 pounds B. 680 pounds C. 570 pounds What is another reason Tigers
are endangered? A. Habitat destruction B. Poaching C. Both of those What are baby tigers
called? A. calf B. pup C. cub
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