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Khan Academy

No description

Joshua Kora

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Using khan academy
Khan Academy is useful for many things. We use Khan for help on
or to
understand a concept
We also use it to
for an upcoming test. Khan academy provides
to go along with the math concepts.
Fun things about Khan
We have fun with Khan and we still learn!
When we watch a video or take a five question quiz, we get points.
When we get the points, we can upgrade our characters.
These characters take a specific amount of points to earn. Once we get them, it motivates us to learn more concepts to earn more points!

Teacher reports
Another innovative thing about Khan Academy is the reports that the teacher gets.
It shows the time logged in by the students.
It also shows what we practiced, and what questions we got wrong.
Khan on iPads
Khan Academy can also be downloaded on an apple iPad.
This app is very useful because if you are sick and missing school, your teacher may tell the student what the whole class is learning.
They can review lessons on Khan.
That keeps the student updated with the lessons and homework.
"Khan Academy is a website where I can have fun and learn at the same time. The videos are helpful, and the quizzes are, too. Whenever I need help, I know I can count on Khan Academy." -Tehreem
"I think that Khan Academy really helps me in math subjects, and mostly algebra. If it wasn't for Khan Academy, I would not be learning new subjects, and having fun at the same time online."
Different Subjects available besides math
"Khan Academy helped me understand more on multiplying decimals, when I didn't understand it. I personally think that everyone in Stevenson school should have an account because it helps students get what they don't understand, when they get home."
- Miguel
Khan Academy is not just limited to math, it supports and teaches a variety of subjects such as literacy, history, computing, finance, and other interesting fields. All the these subjects are organized and can be easily looked up through the search bar. All these subjects are taught and explained with videos.

Our classroom sometimes uses Khan Academy during our math block. In this picture it shows two students using Khan. Here are some examples of student opinions on Khan Academy.

This is a home page.
Videos are helpful!
I can find hints here!
A scratchpad lets you write out problems.
These are our favorite!
There is even a training session on college admission!
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