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Loyalty And Betrayal Presentation For The Kite Runner

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Meghan Scott

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Loyalty And Betrayal Presentation For The Kite Runner

Loyaly and Betrayal In:
Betrayal example 2:
Amir had quite a few acts of betrayal compared to Hassan who did none.
Amir witnessed Hassan being raped and didn't help or get help for him.
Sometimes When Amir read to Hassan it was just to make himself feel smarter.
To get rid of his guilt about not helping Hassan he gets him to leave. Amir framed Hassan by hiding his birthday presents in Ali and Hassan's house and telling Baba that they where stolen.
Kite Running & Its Significance:
The winner of a kite running competition's kite must remain flying while the loser's kite string is cut loose, drifting free with the wind until it falls to the ground. Kite running is the practice of running after these cut kites to try and capture them when they come down; typically the custom is that the person who captures a cut kite can keep it. the process of running the kite and figting them can be dangerous. It's always more dangerous for the runners, because many often run into busy streets and acroos traintracks without looking because they're so focused on the kite. . It's significant to The Kite Runner because when Hassan said to Amir "For you, a thousand times over", that's almost saying he would put himself in danger a thousand times over for Amir.
Betrayal is The Secondary theme. It plays out in major ways in the book and sets a few major events into action, like Hassan And Ali moving out.
Loyalty and betrayal is in my opinion is the biggest theme within The Kite Runner and it's spread throughout the entire book. The Kite Runner shows that in many cases betrayal is an easier act than loyalty. Loyalty has become an almost unappreciated act and quality within people and the characters of The Kite Runner.
Loyalty Example 1:
Ali has always been loyal to Baba, even before Amir and Hassan where born. Ali was Baba's best friend for years, and never questioned anything Baba did. Baba also cared for Ali, so much so that he told Amir that he would hit him if he ever suggested that Ali and Hassan leave ever again.
Loyalty Example 2:
Hassan has always been loyal to Amir, ihis first word's where Amir's name so its obvious he was always extremely important to Hassan. He always takes the blame when he and Amir get into trouble, and he won the kite running competition for Amir. The last thing he did for Amir was taking the blame for the stolen items Amir planted in his home, because he knew Baba would never forgive Amir if he found out it was him.
The Kite Runner

Loyalty is the most important theme within the kite runner. Loyalty means a lot to most of the characters, Loyalty is also one of the most tested themes in the Kite Runner.

Betrayal example 1
Its not revealed until later in the book, but Ali was sterile, so that means that Baba had actually fathered Hassan. I think Ali never knew about it so , it was an extreme act of betrayal from Baba.
By: Khaled Hosseini
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