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Luminferous Aether

No description

Melanie Thompson

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Luminferous Aether

Luminiferous Aether
What is it?

Luminiferous Aether was once believed to fill the Universe and explain how the transmission of waves of light can happen
It was the substance through which the waves of light travel, just as sound waves travel through the air.
Why People Believed It
All of the waves that people had studied had moved through something, ex. water or air.
Because sound seemed to move faster through steel than through air, light must need something kind of like steel to move through, as well.
How It Was Disproved
In 1887 the Michelson- Morley experiments sought to detect the relative motion of matter through the luminiferous aether.
They were unable to detect any aether drift where there should have been.
Did It Lead to a Theory We Know Today?
The eventual disproval of luminiferous aether has fact led to detailed exploration of how solids, liquids, and gasses interact with each other on a very large scale-space-as well as the theory of how different types of particle waves work as well as more detailed knowledge about the speed of light. Not to mention the theory of Special Relativity.
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