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No description

Gene Monahan

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Plentation

Someone that grows plantations are called planters. Planters grow crop like tobbaco and rice. Those crops are real money crops.
Economy Of Plantation
The earliest plantations were built in the richest and nicest soil along the Tide water. The tide water is a low-lying land along a coast.
Where Were Plantations?
Some towns in the thirteen English colonies grew plantations. Also the southern colonies grew a lot more cash crops.
About Plantation
Hard Work
Even on small farms everyone in your family would work the long hours. It did not matter how old you were because everyone back then knew what hard work felt like.
Did all have to work?
Some of the wealthy people had other poor people work for them. The family members of the wealth would just make sure everyone was working.
What They Did
When plantations grew the farm needed more workers. The main job was to make sure everything was growing.
How they Sell plantations
Planters would have a broker. A broker is someone that is handed money to trade or buy with.
The nice part
Plantation was one of the big ways to make money. It was a cash crop they would sell tobacco and rice.
What is a plantation?
Cons Of Plantation
Pros of plantation
By:Jake. D
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