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In Relationships do you see Love or Race?

No description

lanah kweme

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of In Relationships do you see Love or Race?

Class Identity?
An economic rank in society that sets you apart from others
Gender Discrimination ?
A gender or class being superior over another
Alice vs. Leonard
Alice and Leonard are an integrated couple that sought to inhabit the world despite their obstacles of race. Soon they find out that media and their families working classes ends their happy love story with three tragic consequences that play a major role in our society today.
In Relationships do you see Love or Race?
There are three conflicts
Used to describe ones identity or category of which you are placed
What makes you black or white?
Americans believe that a drop of colored ancestry can give you a colored identity
Racial discrimination is rarely be a problem, but enforced by media can change to a negative approach
Where do you fit?
Based on your economic finance and social status in society, Americans tend to judge where your placed
Relationships tend to focus on the opposites sex working class and financial status
What separates male from female?
Gender specifies which sex has more power over the other
Categorize what men do from the opposite traits of what women do
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