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Web 2.0

The World Wide Web and how it affects us daily.

Chris Eigenheer

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is the newer version of the web, Web 1.0 was the "Read-only." Utilizes XTML instead of HTML. ANY site can be considered part of this. Blogs I'm sure you are very familiar with the word blog, but do you really understand what they are? Blogs are places to communicate, a place students can "post" questions, and teachers can respond. Wiki You're probably wondering why wiki is up here well, it's not wikipedia, it's any website that allows the creation of websites, or editing in simple, fast ways. Podcast Now I know you're wondering what a podcast is, a podcast is, simply put, a media file that you can download to listen too. From music, to your college professor's lecture that you missed. RSS RSS, a way of getting things like news updates on latest events. RSS works so that you don't have to visit a website to view the lastest information, provided you have a reader. Cloud Computing Clouds? What do clouds have to do with this? Well, clouds do alot, clouds represent networks. You can create a file, and send it to another computer INSTEAD of carrying loads of papers everywhere Flickr Flickr is a website where you can take pictures, you can edit them, you can save them, or organize them to make thigns simpler Twitter Twitter, yes Twitter. Just because it's a social network doesn't mean that you can just rule it out for education. If a student has problems, he or she can put a post on Twitter, and if a teacher happens to see it, they can, say, maybe post a reply to it. Google Docs Google docs, or documents is a online documents system, you can take spreadsheets, letters, charts, and even drawings and have only certain people besides yourself edit it. Making it easier to share. Pandora Pandora is a online radio, just input a artist, or band and it'll come up with those bands songs, but it will also come up with songs that are similar to that bands style. It's a good way of seeing how much music has changed and stayed the same.
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