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3 point perspective

No description

Skye Judd

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of 3 point perspective

Two types of 3 point perspective Bird`s Eye M.C. Escher Mrs. Rosdahl THREE POINT
PERSPECTIVE What's different about 3 point vs. 2 point? Worm`s Eye Example
M.C. Escher uses three-point perspective in the piece Ascending and Descending. In this picture, all the convergence lines recede to vanishing points at the left, right and also below. Even though this is similar to a two-point perspective exterior, he is using the third vanishing point to allow the viewer to perceive the vertical depth. You will notice that all 90 degree angles recede to one of these three vanishing points. This bird's eye view allows one to see planes receding back in three directions. GOT IT?! Let's draw!
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