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BTS 2015

No description

David Carter

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of BTS 2015

Welcome to CTP 16

American Lit and Honors American Lit

Mr. Carter

Mr. Carter
American Lit - Categories
Final Thoughts
B.A., Youth Ministry - The Master's College

B.A., English - William Jessup University
Time at Grace
This is my fifth year teaching. I have taught American Lit all five years.

Four years ago, I became the director of the theater program here at Grace. In that time, we have done "Our Town", "Little Shop of Horrors", "A Christmas Carol", "Into the Woods", "It's a Wonderful Life", and "Les Miserables"
Interesting Facts
Married to Mrs. Carter - she teaches fourth grade at the Elementary School

We just bought our first house this summer!

No kids yet - thank goodness! (Someday)
Check calendar on back of handout for approximate due dates

A and D Block - 35% of total grade
E and F Block - 40% of total grade

Tests are at the end of a unit of study

Papers/Projects are given to supplement what we are learning about in class - usually 3-4 weeks are given to complete these
30% of total grade

Quizzes include:

*Reading quizzes (given after any outside reading)
*Review quizzes (given halfway through a unit of study, or after significant notes)
*Vocab quizzes
*In-class SAT practice essays
Daily Work
This includes any work done in class that is turned in, homework, journals, and vocab work

A and D Blocks - 20% of total grade
E and F Blocks - 15% of total grade

If you see a "0" for a homework in the gradebook, it means that I have not gotten it - check with your student to make sure it wasn't accidentally misplaced or forgotten
Final Exam
15% of total grade

A and D Blocks - mix of matching, multiple choice, fill-in, with 2 essays

E and F Blocks - All essay

NOT cumulative in semester 2 - each final is for the semester before only
The best way to reach me is email


I check many times each day (except for Sat and Sun), and will reply as soon as I can (no more than 1 school day)
I update RenWeb very regularly, so please always check there for homework, lesson plans, what happened if your student was out sick, etc.

Grades are updated every week, usually on Sat or Sun afternoons/evenings - tests/papers take up to two weeks to get in, so please don't panic if you don't see them done the day after they were due
Thank You
Thank you for allowing your student to be in a Christian School. I attended Christian School my entire life, and I constantly refer back to my time in school as one of the most important factors in making me who I am today - I love Christian education, and am here for you and your student in whatever way I can be!
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