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pakistan research project

No description

alex hernandez

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of pakistan research project

Political System
A republican form of government
It has a division of power from the people and government
representatives have more power than the people
Political Parties
Pakistan currently is a coalition of different political parties
One political party cannot be more dominant than the other
List of Political Parties
National party
Awami national party
Jamaat-e-islami pakistan
Muttahida qaumi movement
Pakistan awami tehreek
Pakistan muslim league-n
Pakistan people's party
Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf
Poverty still has been rising because of goverment neglet
There is still no peace since the north east is in war

90 medical and dental schools
Nursing is a major component of health care
Government stated in 2009 it's intent to improve the countrys nursing care
State regulatory has about 11,500 registered denists
Levels of Education

Primary Education- 2.5 - 5
Primary- grade 1-5
Middle- grade 6-8
High- 9 & 10
SSC- 11& 12
high income = education
low income = not likely to recieve the education
87% of children only make it to primary school
lowest rate of literacy in the world
Poor performance in edu. is mainly caused by low level of public investment

Gender Inequality (females) in education
According to UNESCO almost 4.5 million girls are not in school
3 out of 10 girls in a class
17.6% of children have to work in order to help their families or are forced by parents
By the age of 10, children are being forced to work (mainly as domestic servants)
Estimated that a quarter of country's work was done by children younger than 10
Children are often kidnapped to serve forced labor
minimum wage = $30 per month unskilled workers
48 hours is the minimum work hours but most employees are unaware
Unemployment has raised 5.29% since 2014
Its labour and market situation is improving compared to India and Mexico
Thriving potential and strength for technology
Medical Difficulties
1/5 houses in the country has a person who needs psychiatric help
1 psychiatrist for every 10,000 people
Alot less health and sanitation in rural areas
19 -30% of the population are malnourished and under the age of 5
97,000 HIV/AIDS positive (expanding)
Government wants zero growth rate by 2020 so they are bringing in family planning
Poor and educational slackers might not get the same oppurtunities
Technology Continued...
Highest rate of cell phone usage
140 million people have cell phone connection
Worlds largest connector invested $516 million in aquiring 3G and 4G
Willing to overcomme debt obstacles for the youth
Enjoy the cheapest service rates
Youth rate is 35% of the popultion they are being pressured by media
Information technology (IT) is their only link to successful new tech launchs
Google donated $250,000 to help the people use the technology
Pakistan is controlled by two forms of government
Pakistan Flag
By: Cecilia Aguilar
To what extent do the cultural, social, and political systems of Pakistan meet the needs of its population?
By:Alex Hernandez
Geographic location
Located in Southern Asia
Borders Afghanistan (2,430 km), China (523 km), India (2,912 km), and Iran (909 km)
Official Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Capital: Islamabad
Established in August 14, 1947 due to the partition of the Indian sub-continent
Created to meet demands of Indian muslims
About 25 years after independence in 1971 east Pakistan proclaimed the independent country of Bangladesh
Literature , notably poetry, is the richest of all Pakistani art forms
Music and modern dance receive less attention
Visual arts play a part in popular folk culture
Art of Calligraphy has gained unprecedented patronage
Child Marriage
By: Araceli Ramirez
Urdu is the official language of Pakistan
English is the lingua franca of the Pakistan elite ,the military ,and most of the government ministries
English spoken by a small percentage of the population
Other languages include Saraiki, Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi, Balochi, and Brahui
97% Islam (77% Sunni/20% Shia )
3% Hindu or Christian
Sunni:follow Abu Bakur as successor of Muhammad
Shia:believe there are 12 successors of Muhammad that are both political and spiritual leaders
Sufism:muslims seek to find the truth of divine and knowledge through direct or personal experience with God
Punjabi 44.68%, Pashtun 15.42%, Sindhi 14.1%, Sariaki 8.38%, Muhagirs 7.57%, Balochi 3.57%, other 6.28%
Often arranged within the family, community, or ethnicity
Arranged matches are made after taking into account factors such as wealth and social standing of the families
Preparation may last up to one year
Typical Pakistani wedding includes the Henna ceremony, the Nikah, and the Walima

Marrying daughter early:
-parents are relived of their "burden"
-prevent sexual transgressions and consequent damage to family reputation
Marrying son early:
-perpetuate cult of the family
-mother obtains posessions of daughter in law
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez

Alex Hernandez
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Araceli R.
Final Grade
Foreign medical ser vices from other countries, which leads to better medical research
Law enforcement is weak because of the lack of technology skills
Alex Hernandez
Goverment has a commitment to further improve technological infastructure because of violent poltical violent past
Pakistans size means more growth and expansion and a large domestic market
Pakistans large workforce is very unskilled because of a large scale of agriculture
Multi-national companies threat pakistan at an economic scale which can cause derulegations and small companies to bankrupt
Foreign investments can lead to growth and less poverty
Agriculture is widely based which leads to having a stable costant economy
Manages security,defense,and monetary policies
Infrastucture, and education are not handled by the federal republic but at a local and regional level
Their parliament is democratic based
Pakistan has curently a bicemarel legislature (two chambers of parliament)
Head of state is seperated from parliament to an extent
Pakistan is widely critisized for politcal experimentation of goverment forms
Head of goverment and legislature is a prime minister
Current prime minister is Nawaz Sharif
One advantage of this goverment is that it is faster to pass legislations (laws)
There has been competition between [pakistans peoples party] and [pakistan muslim league in political power]
[Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf] is a centrist movement which helps balance political power among parties
In some parts of pakitan women still cannot vote but there are women politicians
We have given the in depth details our topics as well as relating our topics while giving brief examples of pictures,a video,and external information to our topics in small slides.
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