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Copy of Casa da Musica - Kolhass en Oporto

No description

Alejandro Plaza

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Casa da Musica - Kolhass en Oporto

Casa da Música - Rem Kolhass Analysis trough graphic methods Access floor Second floor Main section Concert hall floor Services Main areas Upper floor Main concert hall Exploded isometric perspective Sectioned isometric perspective Rehearsal rooms for bands
and solo performers Parking with capacity for 660 vehicles Direction and administration Information point Backstage Main auditory,
capacity for 1238 persons Minor auditory Cyber-music External public routes Shows access routes and services External public routes Terrace restaurant VIP room Educational music area Educational music area Snack bar Conical perspective Three-dimensional computering programs Adequated for external views, presents a whole view of the massive building. Opposite to the parallel view, lets us notice a depth in drawings. Parallel view in sections Teaching about construction, this way it shows how the building constructs, supports and separates itself. This way we can set forth the corporeity of architecture. A subjetive look at the building would compare it to a carving mineral. Two essential methods to create functional and relationship diagrams of the building. Thanks for your attention!! A mineral-shape building as the symbol of the polished liking of portuguese music. A solid concrete brick The craftsman hands A shaping proccess... From which appears the polished concrete mineral That receives the more polished performers in Oporto! Where do its shape come from?
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