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Romeo and Juliet Introduction

This resource is designed to get students in the mindset to read Romeo and Juliet. It discusses William Shakespeare, the text, and background for the play. There is also a K-W-L chart for kids to copy in their notebooks or on separate sheets.

Sarah Thursby

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Introduction

By William Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet
Who is the author of
Romeo and Juliet?
William Shakespeare
What do you know about
Romeo and Juliet?
In your journals, write
Romeo and Juliet:
Major Character List
The Capulets:

Juliet Capulet – a 13-year-old girl

Lord and Lady Capulet – Juliet’s parents

Count Paris – the man Juliet’s father
wants her to marry

Tybalt – Juliet’s cousin

Nurse – Juliet’s nurse, who has taken care
of her since she was a baby
What do you know about
Mr. Shakespeare?
Answer the questions
in full sentences!
2. What do you think the play
Romeo and Juliet is about?
1. Why do you think we are
still reading a play this old today?
3. Do you think that the story of
Romeo and Juliet could be
important to your life as a teenager?
Why or why not?
4. Define “tragedy” in your own words and
give an example from real life
(for example, from the news,
your life, or someone you know).
5. What does “tragic love” mean?
Give an example of “tragic love” from
stories, movies, or television shows.
What is a SPOILER ?
Audiences in Shakespearean times
Came to play
Knew the plot
Not considered spoiler!
The Montagues:

Romeo Montague: A young man,
about 17 years old

Lord and Lady Montague: Romeo’s parents

Benvolio Montague: Romeo’s cousin

Mercutio: Romeo’s best friend

Friar Laurence: A priest and friend of Romeo
The Capulets
The Montagues
Repeat the names after me!
Place- Verona, Italy
Time- Late 1500's
Romeo and Juliet: An Introduction
Capulets & Montagues
Family Feud
Romeo and Juliet: An Introduction
The Capulets host a party!
Romeo wants to go see Rosaline
He really likes her
Plot Continued
At the party:
Romeo sees Juliet
He falls in love
Juliet sees Romeo
She falls in love
The problem:
Romeo doesn't know she's a Capulet

Juliet doesn't know he's a Montague
Juliet goes out to her balcony
She talks to the stars about her
new love, Romeo
Plot Continued
Romeo hears her
and confesses his love!
The next day, Romeo and Juliet
are MARRIED by Friar Lawrence!
The day of the wedding:
Plot Continued
There is a big fight!
Benvolio & Mercutio get into a
fight with Juliet's cousin, Tybalt.
Tybalt is mad that Romeo
went to the Capulet's party.
Romeo enters the scene,
but doesn't want to fight.
Romeo's cousin and friends
don't understand.
Mercutio fights Tybalt
and is killed!
Romeo is furious -
He fights and kills Tybalt!
The Prince of Verona exiles Romeo!
Although people during Shakespeare's time do not care about spoilers, WE DO!
Based on what you know and have seen,what do you think Romeo and Juliet will do?
Write your inference in a full paragraph. Be as detailed as possible!
Romeo and Juliet is about ......
I think this story could be important to me because....
Tragedy means......
An example of a tragedy is...
Tragic love means.....
An example of tragic love from a story is...
I think we still read this play because...
Tragedy: an event causing great suffering,
destruction, and distress, such as a serious
accident, crime, or natural catastrophe
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