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The color of my Words

No description

Sophie Barber

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of The color of my Words

The Color of my Words
By Sophie Barber
Dear Lynn Joseph,
Your novel "The Color of my Words" is an inspiring story about a girl with a dream. The novel distributes descriptive language that flows as though the words were painted across the page. The elegant language combined with feeling and sympathy lures the reader in. With Phenomenal content, this novel simulates the asperity that the young writer, Ana Rosa feels while living in a corrupt world. Each character is diverse and allows the reader to feel as though they were on an emotional roller coaster. The feelings of guilt, sympathy, empathy, sorrow and affection are different for each character and come together in unity to create the novel of perfection.
Main Characters
Ana Rosa

The novel "The Color of my Words" is about a young girl named Ana Rosa living in the Dominican Republic. She is striving to express herself through writing, while still living on an island where words are feared and forbidden. Ana Rosa lives with her Mami, Papi, sister and her two brothers. Ana Rosa’s eldest bother, Guario is fond of her writing and supports her in every way. Just when her life is falling into place, Ana Rosa's neighborhood is taken over by the corrupt government even though the land legally belongs to her family and neighbors. However, the small neighborhood does not go down without a fight. Ana Rosa’s neighbors elect Guario to become their leader and decide to stand up and fight for their territory. During the fight, sadly Guario is killed while trying protect Ana Rosa. Guario's brave actions lead the neighborhood to win the fight and take the land back. The loss of Guario affects everyone in a solemn way. Ana Rosa knows his death is her fault and decides she needs to be punished as well; therefore, she prohibits herself from writing. Guario had wanted to give Ana Rosa a typewriter for her birthday which was the day of the fight and the day he died. When her parents explain this to her, Ana Rosa takes the typewriter and decides to write the story of her dear brother and dauntless leader. Ana Rosa discerns that to relinquish writing is not what Guario would have wanted. Ana Rosa says, “…I realize what it is I have to do. I have to write down Guario’s story so that everyone will know my brother. I shall write it down on my new typewriter…all the way home, words sing in my head."
Brings Happiness
Kind Hearted
Massive Relaxer
Phenomenal Dancer
Sells beach chairs to tourists for a living
Helps provide for the family
Best friends with Guario
"As Mami herself said, there always has to be a first person to do something." -Ana Rosa
"You are this river, Ana Rosa, she whispered. But you must flow softly around the rocks on your way to meet the sea. There you can do as you wish." -Mami
"I was right. She was warning me to keep quiet. To wait until I left the Island and could write what I wanted." -Ana Rosa
"When I didn't live in a country where silence was self-defense" -Ana Rosa
"...I wanted to shake Mami's eyes open. Would we always be silent-the bright, hard daylight kind that is louder than drums?"-Ana Rosa
What if I write what I want while I am still a river flowing around the rocks in my Island?" -Ana Rosa
When a person finds something in their lives that is worth fighting for they must fight till time runs out, until the water of a river stops flowing. Ana Rosa had a dream of being unsilenced, she wanted to be heard. She fought for freedom to be heard and won, she will forever be heard.
Where Ana Rosa lives in the Dominican Republic, words are feared and she is not allowed to speak her mind until she leaves this corrupt island.
Ana Rosa's mother knows of her hopes and dreams of becoming a writer. She is however warning Ana Rosa to hold in her thoughts until she leaves this island.
In the Dominican Republic the government's way of staying in complete control is keeping their people condemned to silence.
Ana Rosa knows whats right and wants to make a change. The change her parents haven't dared to make, to speak their minds.
Ana Rosa is the one who dares to step out of the boundaries her family has been hiding in for years she longs to challenge to government who have taken control.
To be the first to do do something takes dauntless courage. Barack Obama became to first ever African American president, Edmund Hillary was the first person to climb mount Everest and Neil Armstrong was the first person to reach the moon. Al those historical people held pure courage alike to the fearless attitude of young writer, Ana Rosa.
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