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Fitness Plan by, makenzie Carver

No description

Makenzie Carver

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of Fitness Plan by, makenzie Carver

Fitness Plan by, makenzie Carver
2 fitness strength:
1.Staying motivated

2.Staying Active
1st Goal: Stay Fit
Benefits of a fitness plan
1. It will help you know what you need to do (Personal)
2. Help keep track of what you need to do to stay fit or become fit
3. Tells you whats best to stay fit or become fit
What are 2 things that you think you can do to make sure you stay motivated to execute your fitness plan?
1. Have friends or family members motive you

2.Remember the good things that can come out of it
2 fitness weaknesses
1.Not going by my fitness plan

2.Not eating right
5 health related component that need improving
1.One Mile Run

2.Abdominal Strength & Endurance Curl-up
3.Body Composition

4.Upper Body Strength & Endurance Push Up
5.Flexibility Back Saver Sit & Reach
What are 2 obstacles that you think will stand in your way from consistently following your fitness plan?
1. Not being motivated
Any Exercise
Exercise at least 4 times a week
The Intensity of the workout would grow through time
At least an hour
Goal 2: Get Stronger
Weight lifting
2 of the 4 times a week
It would grow (weight)
at least 30 min
I did accomplish some of my goals. I did this by being motivated by friends and family members. I am going to make fitness priority because it makes me feel better about myself.
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