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Julius Caesar: Dictator Perpetuus

By Qian Ren Period 7 Latin Project 02/23/15

Qian R

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Julius Caesar: Dictator Perpetuus

Julius Caesar was
born on July 12/13, 100 B.C.E
to Gaius Caesar and Aurelia in Rome, Italy. There is no proof but it is said that he is related to the
Trojan prince Aeneas
. Gaius Caesar was well respected and popular because of his political position as a
. Aurelia is known to be the sister of Julia who is married to the leader Marius. Caesar's family was
powerful but not very wealthy
. Julius Caesar was
well educated
growing up. He was taught by Marcus Antonius Gnipho who also taught an eloquent speaker Marcus Tullius Cicero. When Caesar was
age 16 his father passed away
. Also around the time of his father's death Caesar
married a daughter of a noble, Cornelia
. However the ruler at this time,
Sulla wanted Caesar to divorce
her because she is the
daughter of Marius's friend
Cinna. Caesar
refuse to divorce
his wife and
escaped into the military into Asia then into Cilicia
. After knowing that
Sulla died, Caesar returned back to Rome
and became a lawyer. In 75 B.C.E Caesar traveled to Rhodes and was captured by pirates. He got away when he paid the ransom and later on attacked, captured, and killed them.
You too, my child?
Beginning of His Life.
NO REXS! Stop Caesar From Becoming One!
$5 Coins
February 23, 2015
Qian Ren
Latin Honors P7
Stabbed 23 times by a group of senators!
Julius Caesar Stabbed to Death!
On the Ides of March, Caesar was stabbed 23 times by a group of senators in the Theatre of Pompey. The attack was led by Caesar's enemies Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus. Many people were afraid that he would abuse the power and turn into a king when he took dictatorship for life. Dictatorship was only for a period of time and the dictator would help solve problems in Rome. After they stop the chaos they would leave their position. Many other people were also envy of his power. Not everyone thought this way, some liked him because of the way he ruled and changes he made. Everything here is just summaries. In this newspaper article I will be telling you much more about his interesting life and especially (sounds scary) but death.
Mithradates VI Eupator king of Pontus
wanted to attack Rome,
Caesar arranged his own army
defended the king
. After Caesar got back from the fighting he now is well known as a hero and started being a
general and politician
. Later he became
quaestor in 69 B.C.E
aedile 65 B.C.E
praetor 62 B.C.E
. In
61 to 62 B.C.E Caesar served
as the governor of the Roman province of
. With the
help of Pompey, in 59 B.C.E he became the consul
. Caesar also received help from another friend, who was Pompey's enemy Marcus Licinius Crassus.
Crassus supported Caesar financially and politically
. Between
58 to 50 B.C.E
, Caesar with a bigger military
conquered rest of Gaul
and making Rome safe from Gallic invasions. During this time when he was out and conquering he appointed people to act on his behalf back in Rome. Around
59 B.C.E Pompey was getting jealous
of Caesar and
Crassus died in a battle
. So there were many battles fought between Caesar and Pompey.
Pompey later escaped into Egypt where he was killed
. But during their battles, Pompey had many nobles on his side so many
people now are against Caesar
. Caesar
relieve debt, enlarge the senate, and changed the calendar
. He also rebuild two city-states,
Carthage and Corinth
. He
welcomed many foreigners
and made them citizens of Rome. He was very
powerful now
. He had the
Senate be fill with his allies
, had his
face on the Roman coins
, was allowed to speak first at assemblies, and was
honored with titles.
Here are some background information you would need to know to fully understand why Caesar was assassinated. Romans hated the idea of monarchy and stopped having a king five centuries ago, in 509 B.C.E. The last king of the Roman Kingdom was Lucius Tarquinius Superbus. He was a horrible king who forced himself into power by killing the previous king before him, Servius Tullius. He didn't rule very well and on top of that his son Sextus raped Lucretia causing people to kick them out. The Roman Kingdom ended with the Romans vowing to be republic and never letting one powerful person to rule. The ladder of the republic government known as "
Cursos Honorum
" had four steps. The bottom was the "
" who took care of the finances. Next up the ladder was the
whose responsibilities was to entertain people. The 3rd one was the
who were judges. Lastly the one with the most power, the
. There are two people part of the consul, one in charge of Rome and other in charge of land outside of Rome.
FUN FACT: Legend has it that, that were his last words said to Brutus. Yet some say that he said nothing. We will never know, only the senators who stabbed Caesar would.
Gaining Power
Before and After Caesar's Death
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It is said that on the day of the senate meeting, Caesar's wife begged him not to go due to the nightmares she had the night before. A coincidence, Caesar was also sick that day and called off the meeting. However Brutus's brother Decimus went over to Caesar's house and told him to not let a stupid nightmare and sickness get in the way and disappoint all the "patiently waiting senators". On the way into the meeting, some people gave Caesar warnings written on paper. Unfortunately Caesar never looked at it to heed the warning.
After Caesar was killed, he was left along laying on the ground until three slaves came and carried him to his wife. All the senators flee. Many many many things happens after Caesar's death, but the most important thing is that people were fighting for the power since now there is no leader. The consul Mark Antony could have been in charge if it wasn't for Octavian who later changed name to Augustus, came back for his power. Octavian is Caesar's nephew and he adopted son. He was the first emperor of Rome. After Caesar's death the Roman Republic transformed into Roman Empire.
Marriage and Children
He was very wealthy, he helped Caesar with his debts
Caesar Being Stab by Senators
I did mention Caesar's wives but didn't say much information about them. He was married to
Cornelia after his father's death
and together they had a
daughter Julia
. Unfortunately
Cornelia passed away in 69 B.C.E.

Two years after
her death he
married Pompey's relative, Pompeia
. Strange how he always marry someone after a death, he married Cornelia after his fathers death. The marriage did not last long and they were
divorce in 62 B.C.E
. When Caesar and Pompey was battling and
Pompey ran to Egypt to flee, Caesar followed
which leads him to
meeting Cleopatra the queen of Egypt
. They had a
son Caesarion
Map Of Lands Own By Rome
Mark Antony
Theatre of Pompey
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