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Game Company Owner


Incarnation Catholic

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Game Company Owner

High Schools
Some possible Jobs
Some jobs that will get me there are video game designers. This will get me there becasue in order to own one, you have to know how it works. Another really good one is just working in a game company to give yourself a head start. These are both very good options.
Game Designer
As a game designer, it's your job to creat the type of games and how they look/operate. When designing a game, there is tons of art skills needed and there is also a lot of coding so computer tech classes will come in handy. This is just the first step in becoming the owner of my own game company.
Some good hobbies I enjoy doing now are things like, drawing, art, and playing video games right now. This will actually give me an advantage because I've been around video games and know the in's and the out's of how they work
-Game Company Owner-
I would love to go to Tampa
Catholic for High school for many reasons. One being that
people in my family went there
and they offer good scholarships to the things I want to do when I get older. (Computer Design).
The reason I wasnt to go to college here is becasue again, many of my family went here (especially FSU) and I'd like to follow in there legacy. Each school offers art classes and computer design. The main school I'm going to is FSU and that has a 4 year cost of $20.173 and if you're a non-Florida resident, its a whopping $35,339! The other colleges are also good but there deffinitely not my first pick..
Brain Stevens
MY name is Brain an I'm a guy...ya
How to better myself
In order to better my own future
I will continue to practice playing and continue to practice my computer tech skills. I will also go to a Catholic High School so I can better my religion as well.
Career Planning
To prepare for my future job, I will take career planning groups and take computer tech classes to better my understanding of the job itself.
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