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True North Sales Presentation

No description

Marcus Smith

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of True North Sales Presentation

Imagine having a tool
that quickly uncovers the truths inside your business, so you can maximise your strengths, address gaps with purposeful discussions and then create actions that gets your business heading
True North

Transform your organisation by uncovering the truths and insights within it and using your team to realise the opportunities that have been identified.
So what is it?
It's an online "cloud" based tool
It compares the current state of your organisation to the 12 - 24 month aspirational state which is determined by your executive team and displays this as a gap
How does the feedback process work?
The greatest power within True North is the information you will gather so your people can have purposeful discussions with meaningful results that lift performance and the value of your organisation.
You can then set targets for managers, departments and the organization and because it so easy and quick to run, quickly measure progress as often as you want as the pricing model allows unlimited use within a 1 year period.
What are the reports I will see?
True North it’s like an MRI for businesses
It is an anonymous automated staff feedback process that generates insights and truths on the key value creators and performance drivers in your organization.
How can True North be used?

· New CEO’s: It allows immediate Truthful understanding of the issues without having to
just rely on existing staff they don’t know(trust)

· New CEO’s: It allows numerical benchmarking on the true state of the organisation they
have taken over

· People focused CEO’s: a really easy, time smart way of genuinely involving and consulting
with your greatest asset

· CEO’s looking for answers

· CEO’s looking to be reinvigorated

· CEO’s wanting a mandate and the confidence to drive change


· Branch/Franchise businesses allow you to
benchmark internal performance

· Multi site businesses allows you to analyse and
uncover the truths in each site as well as
overall organization performance

· Geographically dispersed….how do you get
feedback and involve people easily and cost

· Large numbers of employees…..how do you
engage and get feedback easily and cost

People may not feel comfortable in a normal situation in a
smaller organsiation providing truthful feedback….fear of hurting the owners, affecing the relationship,defensiveness
or even retribution……even if none of this would actually be
the case.The perception or fear may stop this incredibly valuable feedback occurring
What are the benefits

Staff feel valued because their input has been sought and listened to

Its anonymity (its guaranteed) ensures the real truths and insights are provided to you

Managers get the real feedback because it is direct and not affected by any human bias i.e. through a third party

You get amazing analytic capability to interrogate the feedback amongst a range of search criteria

Holisitic nature

The numerical rating on the size of the Gaps help
a) “manage up” to Boards, supporting recommendations and initiatives and
b) get alignment with staff and managers as to the magnitude of the opportunity

It asks staff to rate 59 assertions covering the main
value creation
driver areas of a business

All assertions have been independently validated by the Institute for Business Research
The power of filtering and gaining deeper insights
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