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ayelet kerstein

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Intergers


design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
- If the integers have the same sign, add them together and keep the sign
Example: 3+5=8 and -3+-5=-8

- If the integers have different signs, subtract them. Use the sign of the larger number
Example: 5+-8=-3 and -5+8=3
- If you have two numbers with a positive sign the answer will always be a positive number
Example: 5 x 3 = 15

- If you have two numbers with a negative sign the answer will always be a positive number
Example: -5 x -3 = 15

- If you have numbers with a positive and a negative sign the answer will always be a negative number
Example: -5 x 3 = -15 and 5 x -3 = -15
Multiplication & Division
- To subtract integers, ignore the signs and subtract like you usually do. The answer takes the sign of the larger integer
Example: 8-12, you would do 12-8 which is 4. The 12 has a minus sign in front of it so the answer is -4

By: Ayelet Kerstein & Evie Lawrence
Order Of Operation
Word Problems
In Buffalo, New York, the temperature was -14°F in the morning. If the temperature dropped 7°F, what is the temperature now?
-21°F is the temperature in the morning

During the football game, Justin caught three passes. One was for a touchdown and went 52 yards. The other was for a first down and was for 17 yards. The other was on a screen pass that did not work so well and ended up a gain of -10 yards. What was the total yardage gained by Justin on the pass plays?
Justin gained 59 yards in his football game
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