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reighan maloney

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Jamaica

Neighbouring countries: Cuba and Haiti Food Beef Patty MAP Jerk chicken Curry spice Bread fruit Clothing Every day Language Music most popular artist:Bob Marley song "One Love" Traditional Akee Fruit capital : Kingston Official language: English Sports 1.track & field 2.boxing 3.cricket 4.basketball 5.baseball Animals 1.Iguana 2.Crocodiles 3.Mongoose Fun facts: There are over 200 species of birds in Jamaica.The iguana is the largest land animal in Jamaica. Weather Summer is very hot in Jamaica. The average temperature in the summer is night: 23ºC
: 38ºC day:28 º C Jamaica's winter weather is unlike Saskatchewan winter weather the average temperature is Day:28ºC night:23ºC The coldest temperature reached in the winter in Jamaica is:-7ºC The warmest temperature reached in the summer in Jamaica is COLD WARM Jobs 3.Manager 1.Doctor 2.Piolet FUN FACTS -Half of Jamaica is 330m above sea level -the largest butterfly is located in Jamaica the Swallowtail is an amazing 6'' -There are 3000 different types of plants -Jamaica used to be called Xaymaca -Population 2 780 132 -Currency peso -area 4411 square miles JAMAICA JAMAICA JAMAICA Jamaica
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