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Zlateh the Goat

No description

Alexander Gallanis

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Zlateh the Goat

By Alex Gallanis "Zlateh the Goat" Plot Setting Characters Conflict By Alex Gallanis "Zlateh the Goat" is a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, that happened during winter time in Poland. The village is normally blanketed in snow, so Reuvan the furrier would be selling furs in his village, but that year no snow had fallen. Their goat named Zlateh is very old and gives little milk to the family, and since no one in the village needs fur, they decide to sell the goat to the butcher to get money for Hanukkah. Aaron, the oldest boy in the family, had orders from his father, Reuven, to deliver the goat to the butcher. When Aaron embarked on his journey to the butcher with two pieces of bread and a thin slice of cheese, a blizzard blasted him and his goat, Zlateh. They luckily found shelter in a hay pile off the side of the road. Aaron and Zlateh were trapped in the hay pile for four days, but during those few days Aaron and Zlateh bonded and became fond of each other. To survive, Aaron drank Zlateh's milk and ate his meager amount of bread and cheese, while Zlateh ate the hay that surrounded them. When Aaron heard sleigh bells ringing outside his shelter, he left the hay pile with Zlateh, asked the passing citizen how to return to his village, and began his walk home with Zlateh. When Aaron finally arrived home, his family was overjoyed upon his arrival. He and his family never wanted to harm or sell Zlateh after she saved Aaron's life. Reuven- The villages furrier, father of Aaron, owner of Zlateh
Aaron- Oldest son of Reuven, survived the blizzard with Zlateh
Zlateh- Family goat, fur is used for clothes, gives milk to the family, survived blizzard with Aaron Reuven- The village furrier, owner of Zlateh, decided to sell Zlateh to the butcher

Aaron- Oldest son of Reuvan, survived the blizzard with Zlateh

Zlateh- Supplied fur to Reuvan, gave milk to Reuvan's family, survived blizzard with Aaron This story takes place in a small village in Poland. This setting is important because in winter in Poland it's normally snowing all the time and very cold. The snow plays a major role in the story because without it Zlateh would have been successfully delivered to the butcher and the mood of the story would be depressing. Theme Internal Reuven and Aaron don't want to sell their goat but they need to because they have no money for Hanukkah and have very little use for their goat. External Aaron and Zlateh were stuck in a pile of hay for four days with little food and water because of a blizzard which threatened their lives
Reuven needed to sell his fur during the winter time to buy supplies for Hanukkah Don't be selfish
Accept what you are given
Be gratefulf " We must accept all that God gives us"
-Zlateh Resolution The ending of the story was very joyful because...

Reuven's fur business became popular again because of the blizzard
Zlateh was allowed to live because she saved Aaron's life
The family had food and money for Hanukkah The End Any questions? http://video.nhptv.org/video/1689085407/
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