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Hip Hop Music Video Timeline

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Gianni Francis

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Hip Hop Music Video Timeline

Blondie rapture 1982
Blondie was a famous pop star artist, she was the first artist to bring hip-hop to the pop charts which was the very start of hip-hop being introduced to TV. The music video consists of a black man dancing which was a shock to the audience as never had they seen a black man in a music video before. Run DMC- Walk this way 1986
This music video was and is most definitely one to remember, it was the first hip-hop/rock music collaboration staring two very famous music groups of the 80’s; Run DMC and Aerosmith. Walk this way was originally by Aerosmith alone, yet in 1986 they then made the song a hit by introducing their audience to Run DMC and therefore was the first rap song performed by a black group to bring the genre to a wide mainstream audience, which was a huge breakthrough for black people during the civil rights movement.
De la soul- Me myself and I 1989

De La Soul are known for their eclectic sampling, quirky lyrics, and their contributions to the evolution of the jazz rap and alternative hip hop subgenres. The music video is different from the stereotypical hip-hop music video, it includes vibrant colours, odd video scenes and shows the artists having fun.
Tribe called quest scenario ft Busta Rhymes 1992
This music video shows a lot of video effects which is surprising as Hip Hop Videos in this time period do not use a great deal of effects in their videos. Jay Z ft Frank Ocean- No church in the wild 2011
Artists such as Jay Z and Kanye West have had a lot of rumours said about them suggesting that they are devil worshipers because of their lyrics and videos, people have suggested that this music video talks about the Anti Christ spirit taking over America, this music video also suggests that the spiritual condition of Blacks whose god are money and sex. 1979 Malcolm McLaren- Buffalo Girls
This music video was one of the first music videos to have a hip hop beat.
Will Smith ft DJ Jazzy Jeff 1986
Instead of Hip-Hop music videos being based on getting their voice heard, music videos had adjusted and therefore this music video by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff (two famous actors at the time) was all about having fun in the summer giving the audience something that they can relate to, and therefore creating a sense of realism. In 1988 MTV introduced ‘YO! MTV Raps’ to promote, advertise and publicise rap music.
Slick rick- children's story 1988
This music video is narrative and shows the audience a story that goes with what the artist is rapping about, the music video is fun to watch yet also puts an insightful message across. Public Enemy- Fight The Power
This music video was taken place where a protest was being demonstrated where many black people were protesting for their rights hence the name of the song, “Fight The Power”
KRS-Sound of the police 1993
This music video still informs viewers of how Black people are being treated even though they have got their rights, the artist expresses how the police treat black people. The pharcyde drop 1995
This music video is famous amongst all music genres because the video has been shown in reverse yet they rap normally which means they learnt how to rap backwards for the video, again effects have been used in this video.
In the mid 90’s music videos had evolved and become more quirky, fun to watch and become more popular. Missy Elliott had created various extravagant music videos to go with her music, music videos like these were different and unique and therefore attracted various types of audience to watch her videos. 1990's Just like Hip-Hop, R’n’B had become more popular and approved of amongst many audiences, R’n’B is mainly sung by black artists who sing about the love they have for the opposite sex and therefore was a an extremely romantic genre.

In the early 2000’s hip hop started to lose its touch and R’n’B seemed to always be involved with Hip-Hop videos, Hip Hop videos wasn’t just about showing the artist rapping with his/her group hip hop videos were all about sex, which bring us to the Thong Song by Sisco in 2000.

In this video he has multiple amounts of women in thongs and bikinis surrounding him, this is where the term ‘Hip Hop Honeys’ had came about which is basically “models” that dance or look pretty in a music video whilst showing off their bodies. Most Hip-Hop fans conformed to this new style of Hip-Hop whereas some disagreed and believed ‘Hip Hop is Dead’

2000 Busta Rhymes- Touch It 2005
Artists like Busta Rhymes stayed loyal to the meaning of Hip Hop in his music video, just like he always has, he performs with other hip-hop artists in this video yet the term ‘Touch It’ is a sexual reference which shows audience viewers maybe Hip-Hop isn't just about getting your point across anymore maybe its about how artists want to let us know what they have achieved Lollipop- Lilwayne 2008

This music video shows ‘Lil Wayne’ a hip-hop/rock artist surrounded by ‘hip-hop honeys’ looking sexy and attractive, whilst in a limo in the city. This implies that Hip-hop has changed and simply is all about artists showing off and showing the audience how much money they have. Nicki Minaj- Beez in the trap 2011
Nicki Minaj is a famous hip hop artist who in my opinion rapped brilliantly before she became famous, she has encouraged the idea of being a hip-hop honey by getting plastic surgery to enhance her bottom, hips and breast, because of this she then became famous. In this particular music video of hers “Beez in the trap” which means she basically makes a lot of money, shows hip-hop honeys surrounding her in skimpy outfits whilst flaunting money about. Odd Future- 2012 Present Day
Presently in the modern day a new Hip-Hop group has been introduced to the music world who are extremely different in terms of their lyrics and music videos their slogan “Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School” have made viewers think that they are also devil worshipers and a horrible influence on the youth, yet the group have denied following the devil or God and just have fun with their music.
Hip Hop Music Video Timeline
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