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Tudra and tropical rainforest

No description

abby gerrard

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Tudra and tropical rainforest

Tundra and tropical rainforest
compare and contrast
physical desperation
The tundra is classified as a cold icy desert . permafrost is on the ground in the tundra. But the tropical rainforest is wet climate group not like the tundra that is cold and dry. The tundra is plains that can not support trees there is a few bush here and there, but not a lot. the tropical rainforest is opposite it has , it is a forest of tall trees in a region of year round warmth.
Abiotic factors that affect the tropical rainforest is sunlight,rain and overall climate. the tundra abiotic factors are temperature,rainfall,mineral. composition,season. they both have in common temperature and rainfall.
The temperate of tundra affect it because of cold . The rainfall is because of very little.. mineral compiston because of tundra has poor soil. the season in the tundra affect because of long and cold winters and shorts summer days.
the tropical sunlight affects it because it get a lot of sunlight. the rain affect the tropical rainforest becaus eof alot of rain fall, and overall climate because it is warm and humid.
climate comparison
the tundra temperature is usually -30 f. the tropical temperature never gets higher then 93 f. it does not rain much in the tundra rains about is 15 to 25 cm that includes snow melting. the tropical rainforest fall is 50 to 260 inches.
biotic factors
the tundra biotic factors are arctic moss, arctic willow, caribous moss, bear berry, caribou, arctic fox, and arctic hare. the tropical rainforest rubber and bamboo trees, sloths, anteaters, poison dart frogs, lemurs, and bromides,
food web
human impact
the human impact on the tundra is over hunting, global warming, oil drilling,over development and pollution. the tropical rainforest is deforestation , fossil fuels and pollution. the are both impact by pollution.
fascinating facts
the tropical rainforest has 15 million species. The tundra has permafrost. the tropical rainforest is the oldest biome. the tundra covers fifth of the earth surface. the tropical rainforest scientist estimate that more than half of all the worlds plants and animal species live.. the tundra during the summer it is daylight 24 hours a day.
Abiotic factors
there both need sun
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