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Shanghai China

No description


on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Shanghai China

Shanghai, China
This is Shanghai, the most populated city in China .

The Pearl Tower
Places of interest
Shanghai Disneyland
Yuyuan Garden
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Happy Valley Shanghai
Happy Valley is a great place to go with your family and friends.
Shanghai Zoo
There are many animals there!
Jinjiang Action Park
Jinjiang action park is also a fun place to go with family and friends.
Jin Mao Tower
The Jin Mao tower is 88 floors tall and 421 meters high.
The Shanghai Tower
The Shanghai tower has 128 floors and it's 632 meters high.
The population is estimated in 2013. About 23.9 million people live in Shanghai, China.
Shanghai is located in the East part of China near the Yangtze river, one of the longest rivers in the world.
Shanghai has only two airport which are Shanghai Honggiao international Airport, and Pudong International Airport.
60% of the people take the Pudong International Airport
The rest of the people (40%) takes the Honggiao international Airport
Shanghai trains are really fast and comfortable.

Bubble tea
Candy fruit
Shanghai moon cakes
Egg tarts
Peking duck
Dumplings (Dim sum)
Spring rolls
These are Shanghai's delicious desserts.
Wonton soup
Sesame balls
Rice cakes
Rice shrimp
Shanghai Disneyland is a really fun place to visit.

Yuyuan Market
is right next to Yuyuan Garden. There are lots of things you can buy there like souvenirs, food, and clothes.
This is the Yuyuan Garden.
The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in Asia.
It is also the third tallest building in the world.
It has almost all sea species that can be found in Asia.
The Pearl Tower is about 468 meters high. It is also the sixth highest tower in the world.
In Spring, the temperatures starts to get warm.
In Summer, the temperatures starts to get really hot.
In Autumn, the temperature usually changes, but it is cooler compared to Summer.
In Winter, it will get cool, but not cold. Also, it doesn't snow much, maybe once or twice during the winter.
The people in Shanghai speak Shanghainese and Mandarin. But most people speak Mandarin.
If you want to get to Shanghai (Pudong airport PVG) from Air Canada, you will have to buy a plane ticket for about $990-$1500. It is a very good deal because It will take you right to Shanghai without stopping. This is a lot faster than The Honggiao international Airport.
Did you know that $1 in Canada equals $5.42 in China?
That explains why a lot of things in China is pretty expensive.
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