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Jillian Kuhar

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of Jillian Kuhar

Woodrow wilson
BY: Jillian Kuhar 8A

early life
-Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28 1856 in Stanton, Virginia.
-He had 3 siblings Joseph ruggles Wilson jr., Anne Wilson (Howe) and marioh Morton Wilson (Kennedy).
-Wilson's father was Joseph ruggles Wilson and his mother was Janet Woodrow Wilson.
- Woodrow Wilson was the 28Th us president
- Woodrow Wilson was sworn into office march of - 1913-1921 when he was 56
- he was a democrat
- the 19Th amendment was passed during Wilson's presidency.
- Wilson led his country into world war 1

Wilson's 14 points
the head of british, french, and italian government were there
wilson helped negotiate the treaty of versailles
wilson outlined the 14 points of post war peace
paris peace confrence
wilson's second term was dominated by wwi
he still wanted peace and not to join the war
the start of wilson's second term
fourteen point were created
the 14 points were created because wilson and his team came out with what the thought were terms of justice for war
on january 8, 1918, wilson presented the 14 points to house and senate
- wilson suffered of dyslexia so he did not learn how how to read until he was 10
- wilson went to davison college in north carolina
- wilson had an illness his freshmen year of collage so he left college
- he went to princeton later
- he went to university of virgina of law for 1 year
wilson's health
- 1907 wilson had a stroke
- in 1918 wilson got treated for a breathing problem
- wilson collapsed october 2 in the white house

- social studies book
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