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OL PH 223 35.1-6

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of OL PH 223 35.1-6

What is the capacitive reactance of a .5 microfarad capacitor in both 440 Hz and 100.7 MHz?
If this capacitor was connected to an AC circuit with peak potential of 5.0 V what are the peak currents?
A 0.10 mH inductor has a peak AC current of 15mA supplied by an 150 KHz generator. What is the Inductive reactance and the peak voltange?
A radio antenna receives a 1.1 MHz signal with a peak voltage of 3 mV. It has a 400 pF capacitor and a variable inductor coil with a resistance of .25 ohms. What value should the inductor be set at to hear this station? What is the peak current through the circuit at this station?
A nearby signal of 1.15 MHz is being transmitted at a peak voltage of 10 mV. What is the current in your radio when tunned into the 1.1 MHz frequency?
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