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Website Pitch

A pitch for a website to show all the interesting things to do in the western suburbs of Perth.

Matt Jensen

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Website Pitch

Perth's not Boring The amount of people who sit in perth and complain about it being boring. I can prove them all wrong, plus give businesses a plug at the same time. This has potential, this can grow and it will. Why? Firstly, the handle of the website is the exact name of the site itself.

People love to talk. People love to brag. People love to explore.

This gives them the opportunity to do all of those.

Connect with others, compare stories, check things off, brag about the gem of a place you've found. Human nature is to want to be noticed. This gives you the opportunity. Why it will work A blog site in line with Facebook and Twitter.
The aim is for people to be able to come to the site, type in what they want to do with a location and for them to be able to find something. What is it? Facebook People can add their own comments to stories, suggest their own places. This will be a community site, one that people will contribute to themselves. A self-grown community. Twitter Quick updates on stories, upcoming, just posted. Also current location and activities. Blog The blog itself will be my own writing and production. It will contain tags to different things I explore, such as food, drink, events, exploration sites, date spots. It will include location tagging and links to different sites. How it will grow As more and more people learn about the site and it gains a following, the aim will be to gain sponsors and opportunities to the followers as well as generating income. Commercialisation A highly visited site is always an attractive proposition for advertisers. The site's demographics can also be helpful in targeted advertising. Growth As the site itself grows, the aim is to gain more contributing writers who bring their own styles, locations and preferences to the site. This will give the site a larger reach, gaining more followers. The option is also there for a mobile app, growing our presence even more. Sponsorship and Competitions As our profile increases, the extra business and attention that we generate will become an attractive proposition for businesses. As such, we can approach and ask for special deals. this is a 2-way benefit, as it gives people extra incentive to try it as well as bringing more people to the site. Exploring Perth so you don't waste your time. Design Quite simply, simple. Basic colours, basic tagging, basic design. Colours Tagging Tagged with location, style, type. Everything you can think of. Design Home page. Read like a blog. Searchable. Accessible. Clean. Easy. What else do you need? The idea is for it to be able to be read as a blog. As well as being able to be read as individual, searchable entries. Using it should not be a challenge. It's not posing as a sophisticated website, it's designed for ease of use, to draw people in and make them feel as though it's done by real people. This is an idea waiting to happen. It hasn't been done before. There are rating sites, travel blogs and all sorts of various sites. Nothing that has everything though. This will be the only stop you need to make when planning.

Finally, the website itself works.

You remember it. It sticks with you. It works. perthsnotboring.wordpress.com Main Splash Blog Facebook Twitter Current Whereabouts Short newsflashes & pictures Pictures & Videos Menus, links, related materials Links & Tags Comments & User Submissions Pictures Reviews & Previews Blog Facebook Twitter (Scrolling picture with location and link) Perth's Not Boring (Links to each) (Search bar) Main Splash Mock-Up 2/3rds of the screen 1/3rd of the screen
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