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Fostering Critical Reading and Writing in PreAP

No description

Nicole Whiteside

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Fostering Critical Reading and Writing in PreAP

A lot of documents, not a lot of time...
Fostering Critical Reading and Writing in Pre-AP Grades 6-8
Avis Balliet and Nicole Whiteside
Synthesizing and Organizing
Look at the documents provided and plan a thesis!
Writing essays with AP Tests in mind... easy, right?
-Setting our kids up for success


Reflect on what just happened...
How were you enlightened?
AVID Notations
-Helping to find the theme in the passage
-Determine Importance
-Organize connections
Marking the Text
Find the
DBQ Discussion
SpringBoard Strategies
-SOAPSTone- Analyzing text
-SMELL- Analyzing Persuasive Speeches or Essays
-TP-CASTT- Analyzing Poetry
Utilize your Reading/ Writing FRIENDS
Break. It. Down.
S- Speaker-Who is writing this?
O-Occasion- Why are they writing this?
A- Audience- Who is this written for?
P-Purpose- How are they using this writing?
S-Subject- What is this about?
Tone- How is the author speaking?
For Persuasive Essays
-Sender/Receiver Relationship- Who are the images and language meant to attract?
-Message- What is the message (summary of statement)
-Emotional Strategies- What is the desired effect?
-Logical Strategies- What logic is operating?
-Language- What does the language of the text describe? How does it affect the meaning and effectiveness of the writing?
P- Paraphrase
A- Attitude
S- Shift
T- Theme
For Political Cartoons
O- Overview- What is your impression?
P- Point of View- What is the slant/bias of the cartoon?
T-Title- Does the visual have anything to do with the title?
I-Identify- What are the elements or focus of the visual?
C-Caption- Does the visual have a caption? Does it have a particular tone?

Make it real!
Nesting Doll Lesson
Right Brain Development
Thesis Organizer
Cheeseburger Setup
Start Collaborating with YOUR Peers!
Quick Tip
Ever wondered how you could quickly give feedback?
Technology is always the answer...
Docs Voice Command!
Log into your Email
Copy and past the link into the GOOGLE CHROME APP! (Or on your own computer)
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