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Mara Reyes

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

higher milk productions per cow
The price for milk varies seasonal.The lowest prices for milk are in may and June and highest in November and December.
dairy is mainly produced in California
milking process
Population growth creates a necessary need for milk and other dairy products.

Facilities are cheaper when there are fewer herd health problems, when climate is warmer & dryer

Large herd size result in lower production cost per cow
produces milk with less fat content
most common cow in the U.S
produces the most milk on an average of all dairy breeds.
smallest of the dairy breeds
weight about 1,000 lbs
the jersey cow produces milk with more fat content to produce butter
another one of the breeds that produce butter is the brown swiss
How Dairy Cows Are Raised
Dairy Industry
Cows must be milked daily, two to three times a day seven days per week
Cows are to be fed 4-5 pounds per day
babies 1-2 yrs are feed 1.6-1.8 pounds per day
Dairy cows need a constant dairy diet to stay healthy
The main ingredient is cheesecake is cream cheese
The ingredients makes Root Beer floats delicious is the vanilla ice cream
The main ingredient in Chicken Alfredo is the rich think cream or even Parmesan cheese

Whip Cream Contest
Whip cream on a plate bubble gum in center and who can blow a bubble the fastest.
The average dairy farm has 200 cows.
Average cows produce 6.5gal of milk about 2,300 a year.
Ninety-eight percent of U.S. dairy farms are family owned farm businesses.
There are approximately 55,000 dairy farms and 500 milk-processing plants in the U.S., with dairy farms in all 50 states.
Although milk from the cow is processed. It is about 87 percent water and 13 percent solids.
Many dairy farms grow their own feed, typically including corn, and hay.
Dairy Cattle
Raquel, Kaylee, Mara, Joseline
another milking breed is the shorthorn
Originated in the Netherlands
Originated in Isle of Jersey coast of France
hey( alfalfa ,red clover,non legume)
green chop
silage(hay corn,grains)
lots of fresh water(85-87 of milk is water)
average investment is 4,000-5,000 per cow
Herringbone style- designed specifically for rear leg milking. The cows stand nearer to the operator and the increased angle of the cow standing improves quick cluster

Rotary- Merry-go-round!

* 72 cows on milking rotary
* 525 cows milked per hour
* 10 gallons of milk/cow per day

tea cups-connected yo the utters and suck like a vacuum
Bos primigenius
Dairy Products
cheese,butter,frozen dairy is 96%of milk processes in Us
coffee cream,whipping cream,sour cream is36% in Us
30% is cheese(96% is american Cheese
butter 20%
10% frozen ice cream
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