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Vidi Smart Electronic Occlusion Glasses for Amblyopia

This is a general presenation about Vidi Smart Glasses, properties, potential market and unique features of device

Veysel Özkapıcı

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Vidi Smart Electronic Occlusion Glasses for Amblyopia

Vidi Smart Occlusion Glasses for Amblyopia
30 Slide, 10 Minutes approximately

Amblyopia on Children
Vidi Smart Occlusion Glasses
Technical Advantageous
Comments and Feedback
Company information
3. Smart/Automatic Occlusion Time Increase
%2 - %4 very high ratio

it is best to treat till 6 years olds, till 9 treatment is possible

Problem here always late diagnosis

68.033 / this is the official number of Child which is diagnosed as Amblyopia on Turkey during 2008-2013 at Ministry Hospitals
Source MoH Turkey

1 Million 300 thousand ...

This is number of birth in Turkey at 2013

Idea to use LC for Amblyopia come from USA and Japan at 1993

At 2012 a commercial company make first clinical trials and publish that VA (Visual Acuity) is improved significantly in a period of 9 month usage

Vidi became reality after this progress and design our own solution

We created best efficient and smart solution for Amblyopia Occlusion treatment for world.
LC shutter for Lazy Eye
(Electronic Occlusion Method)
ADAPTATION is High, Children are Cooperative and Families are happy
Dominant eye will Intermittently OCCLUDE via Vidi Electronic Glasses and Lazy side of eye will work more. Same principle to Eye patch but more effective way
Working Principle?

with pleasure
Not any special requirement when it use. Use as a regular glasses how to use
How to Use ?
Size                                      :
 L120 x W130 X H40mm
Weight       :
32,2 gram
Prescription Frame W.       : 2,1 gram
Nose Pad Weight               : 1,8 gram
Lens Type                             : Double Layer
Batery Type                          :  
Li-ion Polymer 3,7 V
Battery Life : Approximately 3 days
Charging time : 2 hours
Current : 200 +/- 30 micro amperes

Vidi Technical Properties?
Vidi Glasses SUPERIOR Properties?
Vidi Glasses are provided with a spare frame for children to use with normal prescription glasses if required.

They can use together regular prescription lens and Vidi

Can it be used together with regular prescription glasses?
Eye tear circulation is continue (not like eye-patching) eye temperature is normal and safe
Not any allergy around the eye due to Eye patch
No need to fight or force little child to wear unwanted patched
1. Occlusion Homogeneity
This is the Homogeneity.
All area on Occluded side are dark as same and Block Visible Light in same ratio
with Pleasure
2. Effective OCCLUSION (Or Blockage)
Thanks to Vidi Special double LCD and Driver design, We are able to BLOCK or OCCLUDE
% 99,7 of Visible Spectrum of Light
This is the level of Light pass When Vidi Work or OCCLUDED % 0,3
4. Pulsed Mode Driver System
5. Mirror Coating
6. Light Design
7. Different Colors option
15. Internal Memory
14. Microprocessor Controlled
Ratio of Amblyopia on Children ?
Advantageous of Electronic (LC) Occlusion
Occlusion time is increases automatically by time of used. This will increase the Adaptation of Child to Electronic Occlusion and Vidi
% Occlusion Eff.
Occlusion efficiency is reduced in time
due to chemical efficiency on LC
Vidi, Efficency of OCCLUSION always max. Thanks to pulsed driver
Child do not want take negative attention with DARK and CLEAR LC Screen
It is really important to have a light weight design on these ages when child nose structure is develop.
32,2 gram
We give option to child chose. this is important for them
8.User Friendly
Easy to use on daily base and activities.
With one button you can chose which eye to Occlude

In some case both eye should make excercise.
10. ON / OFF Button
11. MODE Option
You can chose OCCLUSION rate with single button by yourself
12. Solid Software
All device and signals are controlled by a solid software

Software will help us for service and updates on Vidi Glasses

Validated Robust Software control
13. Warning LED with 2 Colours
Visual Signals when


Battery Low, MODE Number, you can get Visual signal for all off them by LED
Early diagnosis is important

Sight is improve with child

Most effective treatment for
Amblyopia is OCCLUSION

Most Used Occlusion method eye patching

Eye patch=Unhappy Child...
Treatment will be tough for
family and Child

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) ?
As a producer we suggest to use as long as possible to make faster improvement

Suggested, it should be minimum double time used as regular eye patching time use to get same efficiency
usage TIME should absolutely define by a doctor specific to child, how many hour or day they will use it
How long time it should be used ?
started at 2009 with R&D projects and It has achieved to produce first Corneal Cross Link Device on market with real time optical feedback and had lots of experience in ophthalmology field. BNM Fabrika supported for its RD project by Most reputable Government organization at Turkey (TUBİTAK). Still working on projects especially on ophthalmology field

Veysel Özkapıcı
1998 Ankara U BSc Electronic Eng.
2006 Technical U. of Denmark DTU
MSc. at Micro and Nano Electronics
(with a scholarship from Danish Govt.)
Work Experience at Zeiss, Shimadzu, Abbott, Allergan and TUBİTAK

Thanks a lot
We coated with Mirror like stuff and from outside not easy to see DARK or Clear
9. Simple LEFT/RIGHT selection
for your all questions:

Veysel Özkapıcı : +90 533 214 49 77

or veysel@vidi.com.tr
Welcome to Our presentation

There is real problem at the field and we have a nice solution to family have trouble with Amblyopia
Simple and Efficient, Intermittently Occlude Strong Eye
This timing could be chosen with MODE button whenever they want also. Simple and Efficient
Each additional GRAM is important and Heavy
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