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Real Game Presenatation

BY: Sanjana Sundar

Sanjana Sundar

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Real Game Presenatation

My Real Game Presentation Sanjana
Sundar Dr. What is my career? What does that mean Where Do I work Where do I live What are the qualifications for this job Then how do I get to work My House My workplace My House My Workplace What about some leisure time Leisure Time- 28hours per week
Total hours of must do activities- 140 hours per week What about expenses Salary: $50,000.00 per year
Gross Monthly Income: $4,166.67
Net Monthly Income (after taxes): $3,208.34
Total Expense: $2,966.66 per month
Total Amount Left Over: $241.78 per month Rent: $925.00 per month
Total cost of furniture: $2,475.00
Bank Loan with Interest: $2475/12= $216.56 per month (for 1 year) How did I... Radiologists need lots of experience to get a raise in salary
You need to do a lot of studying in order to become a radiologist
For Radiologists, "Learning on the Job" is possible During My "Journey"? Follow My Heart Focus On the Journey Lifelong Learning $250 Career Cruising Quiz- Answering Honestly
Applying and choosing a regional program- Choosing to come to IBT even when peers sad not to
Problem Solving- When I don't know what to do, I follow my heart Goal Setting- Focusing on each goal in order to reach success
Avoiding Distractions- Talking, fooling around, etc.
Financial Planning- Creating plans as to what to do with left over money What's an X-Ray Picture
High speed electrons strike a solid target
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